Fusion 8.5×11 (6-up) Die Cut Name Badges

Fusion 8.5×11 (6-up) Die Cut Name Badge

$54.25 per 25 Sheet Pack


For over a decade Fusion Digital Name Badge has been the industry leader in the pressure sensitive adhesive backstage pass market.  It was originally designed for production toner digital presses and sold in the popular 12×18 digital size.Recently we modified this product so that it can be printed with both laser and inkjet printing on small format/office desktop printers.  Fusion 8.5×11 (6-up) Die Cut Name Badge is sold in 8.5×11 sheets which have six 3” x 4” labels per sheet.  It’s a “Back to the Future” idea to revisit the old legacy “hello my name is” pressure sensitive adhesive fabric name badge of yesteryear, but with modern digital printing capabilities.

Fusion 8.5×11 (6-up) Die Cut Name Badge has a top coated satin acetate face stock specifically engineered for inkjet and toner digital imaging.  The face stock is very pliable so it will conform to any shape or sized person.  And the pearlescent look and fabric feel of the satin acetate face stock enhances both the visual and tactile value of your name badge.  In combination with a very high-quality apparel adhesive, the result is an easy to use peel-n-stick name badge that actually sticks and stays in place for an entire day – or more.

The ease of peel-n-stick, without the use of lanyards and plastic holders, has great value to many events, especially one-day events and conferences.  For multi-day events you could easily supply a separate badge to the customer for each day of the event.  Because of the cost effectiveness of our Fusion 8.5×11 (6-up) Die Cut Name Badge the cost of multiple badges should still be quite favorable when compared to the combined cost of plastic holder, lanyard, and paper cardstock.

We wanted to maximize the size of the printed badge and used the 3” x 4” die cut badge size because it matched the size of a regular lanyard type name badges.  We also perforated the 8.5×11 sheets so that once the sheet is printed, you are able to separate the individual badges to put on a registration table, or into event kits for the customer. 

To make printing your name badges as easy as possible we have created template software that allows you to type in individual names, or import a list of thousands of names.  The template allows you to import logo artwork to the top, bottom, right or left side of each label.  You can use jpeg, gif, png and bmp graphic format files for your logo artwork.  We also have three lines that you can use for any information, such as the person’s name, company name, and job title.  Just download the Fusion Die Cut Name Badge template program and you will be all set to start printing your name badges. If you need help getting started with the program, please review the helpful guide we created. 

Whether you need name badges for the PTA, or a Las Vegas convention, creating professional name badges has never been easier than with Fusion 8.5×11 (6-up) Die Cut Name Badges.

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