High Heat Toner Sheets

Welcome to Fusion Digital Paper’s™ High Heat Toner Products

It is an honor to have Frank Romano, Professor Emeritus at Rochester Institute of Technology provide us with a great educational video about the nuances of high heat toner printing. I highly recommend watching this video as Frank is one of the most respected experts on printing in the world.

The products listed above to the left of the video box are the Fusion Digital Paper™ products that are designed specifically for the high heat toner printing method. They are made to withstand the rigors of fusing temperatures up to the 400⁰F level. If you want to watch a product video, or find out more information about a specific product, just click on the product link to be directed to that product page.

Significant testing and print trials have been done on all types of equipment to assure the best toner adhesion, print fidelity and runnability possible. Understand that each equipment type is different, some use fuser oil during the fusing process, and others don’t. Different machines fuse at different temperatures. Different machines have different paper paths through the machine. Different machines have different feeding and stacking platforms. And toner particles are not all the same size and composition. So there are numerous challenges to the production of a synthetic sheet that will work perfectly on every piece of equipment in the market place.

Fusion Digital Paper™ has reached out to most major OEM’s to work with us to determine the Optimum Equipment Settings for their production digital equipment on each Fusion Digital Paper™ product. If you click on the Optimum Equipment Settings button on the product page you will find some of the most popular high heat toner production equipment listed. Our goal is to make your experience with Fusion Digital Paper™ as positive as possible, and we have worked tirelessly to get this section as complete as possible in order to reduce the learning curve on running digital synthetics and help you experience immediate success. If your equipment is not listed, tell your equipment manufacture that you want to maximize your investment and potential with your digital equipment by running Fusion Digital Paper™. Please have them contact us directly to set up a print trial so we can add their equipment to our Optimum Equipment Settings section.

The digital world is not a static universe. Things are constantly changing, and so will our Fusion Digital Paper™ offering. With that in mind, we hope you will check back to our site regularly to stay current on New Product Launches that will be coming in the future. And if you have an application that you would like to discuss that requires product development; please get in contact with us. We are always happy to work on new digital challenges.