Inkjet Tyvek® by Fusion Digital Paper™

For Inkjet Printers: Inkjet Tyvek® 8.5″x11″

Inkjet Tyvek® by Fusion Digital Paper™  is a top coated Tyvek® product that is tear and water resistant and extremely pliable.  The Tyvek® product is renowned for durability and will not stretch like vinyl paper does.  The super pliable face stock is also a superior product for applications where you want both strength and foldability.

Print running bibs that last the race and then some.

Print your own maps on this weatherproof and durable paper.

Perfect for boating uses.
$15.60 per 20 Sheet Pack


Our proprietary top coating yields excellent print fidelity and assists in a reasonable drying time.  After allowing full drying time of 30 minutes the product can be immersed under water without the ink bleeding or running.  It also will fold extremely well and is very crack resistant.  About the only issue you can have with the printing surface is if the product is completely soaked and then rubbed.  But for virtually all normal applications for a product like this, such as maps, military applications, racing bibs, sailing charts, or personalized bookmarks, this is an industrial strength product that you can produce at home on your desktop inkjet printer.

Now when people ask you for a water resistant paper or durable paper that can be printed on your inkjet printer let them know you have the answer, Inkjet Tyvek® by Fusion Digital Paper™.

So let your creativity run free and develop and produce your own products for durable applications.  Best of all you can do all this yourself.  All you need are your ideas, our Inkjet Tyvek® paper, and an inkjet printer.


It is better to use light ink coverage than heavy coverage, in many cases just the plain paper setting will work best. Pigmented inks usually produce less vibrant colors, but these inks are good for water and UV fade resistance. Dye based inks will provide better color vibrancy, but are not as good with water and UV fade resistance. Print only on the top coated side, not on the uncoated back side. Note that printer and ink technologies are constantly changing so you may need to experiment to determine how to get the best results based on your printer, inks and ambient conditions. This product is only for use in ink jet printers and will not work, and will melt, if you try on any toner based or laser printing platforms. Allow ink to dry for at least 30 minutes before exposure to water.

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