Fusion Digital Name Badge

Fusion Digital Name Badge

Discover the premier digital imaging product for name badges and apparel stickers

Fusion Digital Name Badge features a top coated satin acetate fabric face stock specifically engineered for digital imaging. Its face stock is very conformable, allowing you to make name badges that will work great on people of all shapes and sizes. Meanwhile, the look and feel of the satin acetate fabric stock enhances both the visual and tactile value of your name badge paper. Fusion Digital Paper™ is a valued resource for those interested in printable adhesive name badges. We invite you to discover firsthand how easy this product makes the process of name badge printing.

The apparel adhesive in Fusion Digital Name Badge is made specifically for clothing name badges and kids apparel stickers. It is a great product with a proven track record for any high quality name badge or apparel sticker applications. When you set out to make a name badge you seek a finished product that looks great, adheres all day long and peels off cleanly at the end of the night. This is exactly the experience Fusion Digital Name Badge will provide for you.

Digital Name BadgeFusion Digital CTA

Specific event backstage passes and/or security passes are never better than when they are created using Fusion Digital Name Badge. It provides you with the ability to digitally print only the exact number of required badges and the variable information that is unique to your specific event. It also allows the most intricate graphics possible, enabling your printable name badges to achieve their aesthetic potential. You can even digitally print name badge shells with your high heat toner digital equipment and then imprint names, or variable information, with an inkjet printer at your show.

Fusion Digital Name Badge’s top coated satin acetate fabric face stock, 92# scored back lay flat release liner and premium apparel adhesive are the key ingredients in producing superior name badge products. As it applies to digital name badge printing options, it is unparalleled with other products for its beautiful image fidelity, color brilliance, and scratch resistant toner adhesion. This product has three liner scores (every 3″) running parallel to the 18″ direction.

Fusion Digital Name Badge performs well during die cutting, and is effectively resistant to mildew and perspiration. As with all name badge products you want to avoid leather and suede applications. Fusion Digital Paper™ offers this product in two distinct styles for either high heat toner or HP Indigo printing applications.