Fusion Soft Polyester

Fusion Soft Polyester Paper

The best features of polyester and paper come together in the perfect digital product for creating menus, placemats, outdoor manuals and more

Soft Polyester PaperWaterproof polyester paper

Fusion Soft Polyester digital printing paper is a must-have for those in the market for a waterproof, stain and tear resistant menu paper and more. This unique product from Fusion Digital Paper™ has the positive characteristics of both polyester and paper, and in terms of sheer durability this waterproof, tear and stain resistant paper has few peers. Offering the excellent durability of polyester paper, Fusion Soft Polyester also feeds, prints and handles print finishing processes just like regular paper does. It even folds cleanly and has STATIC FREE runnability; two rare qualities not readily found in other digital synthetic paper sheets and polyester printing in general.

Fusion Soft Polyester digital paper offers a very smooth surface that rivals the Sheffield smoothness of premium uncoated offset papers. You will experience beautiful image fidelity and toner adhesion, and its durability makes it the perfect choice for both your indoor and outdoor paper needs.

As mentioned above, Fusion Digital Paper’s digital Soft Polyester features STATIC FREE runnability for enhanced productivity. This is no small detail. Those who have attempted to run polyester sheets on digital equipment can attest to the fact that static is an all-too common occurrence. This is not the case with Fusion Soft Polyester, which effectively eliminates static issues on the feeding and receiving ends of your digital printing equipment, and will also perform the same in your print finishing department so that you can immediately run the second side or jog, stack, punch, and cut it directly after printing.

Fusion Soft Polyester is available in three thicknesses. The heavier 11 mil caliper is super durable. The 7.5 mil is a lighter caliper sheet, while our 6 mil Lite sheet is a very lightweight and conformable product. Whatever thickness you choose, you will be impressed by the durability Fusion Soft Polyester offers.

Fusion Soft Polyester is tear resistant paper, waterproof paper and stain resistant paper all in one. It is the perfect choice for covers, placemats and menus (11 mil); outdoor manuals, flight and sailing logs and saddle-stitched books (7.5 mil); and racing bibs, MSDS sheets and manuals (6 mil Lite). Fusion Soft Polyester is simply not affected by spills. Should one occur, simply clean with mild soap and warm water within 20 minutes of the spill to make it as good as new.

To help you print different menu types more easily and cost effectively, our 11 mil Soft Polyester is available in two new sizes. For Tri-fold menus we now have a 13×27.5 sheet available, and for Legal size menus we now have a 10×15 sheet available. These new sizes allow you to get more creative with your menu designs while giving you the room for bleed along the edges.

Available Calipers and Sizes
6 mil, 144 GSM 12×18
7.5 mil, 220 GSM 12×18
11 mil, 294 GSM 12×18, 10×15 (NEW SIZE), 13×27.5 (NEW SIZE)