About Us

About Fusion Digital Paper™

Fusion Digital Paper™ is a family of unique synthetic substrates specifically engineered for digital imaging. Durable, tear resistant, and waterproof, Fusion Digital Paper™ products run great on your equipment, provide beautiful image fidelity, and have excellent toner adhesion.

Made in the USA, Fusion Digital Paper™ products are not just experiencing rapid growth domestically, but we also have strong and growing sales overseas. It’s a testament to both the growing digital synthetic market and our ability to provide concrete solutions.

Something that sets Fusion Digital Paper™ apart from a number of our competitors, who are brokers, is that we develop and manufacture all of our products, which enables us to turn ideas into solutions. So as opportunities arise, and new applications present themselves, we hope you will continue to rely on Fusion Digital Paper™ as your source for digital synthetic solutions that you can depend on. And you can count on us for not just high heat toner products, but with advances in inkjet equipment with the new page-wide printhead technology we will react accordingly with new Fusion Digital Paper™ products designed specifically for inkjet printing applications too.

Now when someone asks you for a synthetic paper, vinyl paper, decal paper, waterproof paper or sticker paper that will run through your digital equipment, you can tell them you’ve got the solution. The opportunities with Fusion Digital Paper™ products are endless and they allow you take full advantage of your digital equipment’s capabilities.

So unleash your creativity and maximize your digital potential with Fusion Digital Paper™.