13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover

13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover Paper

A hybrid polyester product that offers a level of rigidity while maintaining the feel and benefits of our Fusion Soft Polyester products.

Tear Resistant PaperTear Resistant Paper

This rugged sheet, made with our proprietary manufacturing process, runs STATIC FREE on high heat toner production digital equipment. That’s right, static issues common with other polyesters are non-existent with 13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover. Printers who have run 13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover digitally are amazed and relieved to not have to deal with the usual static electricity problems common with top coated polyester films. You truly get a product that prints like paper, yet has the durability of a synthetic product. So print finishing processes are just like paper in that you can immediately run the second side or jog, stack, punch, and cut it immediately after printing.

13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover won won a Printing News 2016 Readers’ Choice Top Products Award in the Digital Print Media category.

13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover won a Printing News 2016 Readers’ Choice Top Products Award in the Digital Print Media category.

Another print finishing feature that makes 13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover unique when compared to top coated polyester film products is that you can also fold it. So you get a rigid, durable polyester product that when creased and boned provides you with a nice layflat fold. Only with Fusion Digital Paper’s™ proprietary manufacturing process do you get a rigid digital polyester sheet that will fold this well.

Waterproof, tear and stain resistant, Fusion 13 mil Polyester Cover is a great choice for single sheet rigid menus, covers, and durable signage because it will withstand the toughest conditions and weather elements. This means that there is no need to laminate your finished product.

Restaurant owners tell us that the silky, velvety tactile sensation draws diners into the printed content and makes a high quality impression compared to cold, plastic laminated menus. Restaurant owners are also happy to now be able to conveniently produce menus that have a rich, velvety feel and boast beautiful image fidelity that makes their food images pop off the page, all without sacrificing the durability and rigidity of a laminated menu. They love that they can get a quality menu quickly, and in just the quantity that they need.

The 13 mil caliper and rigidity are perfect for today’s digital substrate demands allowing it to be used for a myriad of applications, including menus, cookbooks, recipe cards, wine lists, placemats, outdoor books/manuals, boat and flight manuals, military field manuals, durable outdoor signage, business cards, membership cards, tab dividers, horticultural tags, luggage tags, and store planograms.

13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover is stocked in the popular 12”x18” sized sheets. It can be purchased in either 200 sheet cases or 50 sheet pack quantities.

13 milPolyester Cover
Polyester Cover
Fusion Polyester Cover