Frequently Asked Questions

Q             How do I get pricing?

A             If you want to buy products in 8.5×11 size for home, office and crafting (HOC), on the home page under “What Equipment Do You Use?” click on the blue HOC box.  If you want to buy 12×18 sheets or rolls for production digital equipment applications you need to go to the Purchase Tab at the top of our home page and sign up for an account.  Once your Production Account is set up you will have access to pricing and shipping costs 24/7.

Q             Where does my order ship from?

A             All Fifty Packs, Cartons, Rolls and 8.5×11 Home, Office and Crafters orders ship from our central warehouse in Grand Rapids, MI 49508.  All 5 sheet Trial Pack orders ship from our Sample Department in St. George, UT 84770.

Q             What time do I need to place an order for it to ship the same day as ordered?

A             Orders to ship the same day must be placed before 12:00 Noon Eastern Time.

Q             What sheet sizes do you stock?

A             We stock 12×18 sized sheets primarily and a few product in 8.5×11 size.

Q             Can I get a different size than 12×18?

A             Yes, we manufacture all our products in rolls, so call or e-mail to let us know what size you want and we will determine the minimum order and pricing for you.

Q             What does high heat toner mean?

A             HP Indigo equipment fuses at a much lower temperature than other production color digital equipment that are toner based.  High heat toner refers to the other production equipment that fuses at much higher temperatures.

Q             What is the minimum I have to buy?

A             For 12×18 size products we sell 5 sheet Trial Packs if you want to test a product, or you can buy 50 sheet Packs, or full Cartons that are 250-600 sheets per Carton depending on the item.  For the 8.5×11 size products for Home, Office or Crafting applications we sell 20-100 sheet packs based on the item.

Q             What are your suggestions if my equipment is not listed on your Optimum Equipment Settings?

A             For our high heat toner products you will get the best toner adhesion by adjusting your equipment to have the fusing temperature as hot as possible.  Call your equipment manufacturer to find out what settings to use to run your equipment as hot as possible.  Running your equipment hotter and slower will improve your toner adhesion success.

Q             Do you sell magnet material?

A             No, instead we have our repositionable products that are superior to magnets.  Magnets are losing their usefulness based on how many refrigerators are going to stainless steel that magnets don’t stick to.  Also, think of all the past products that were metal that are now plastic.  So when someone asks you for a magnet, let them know you have a product that is better, because it can stick to painted walls, wood cabinets, glass and metal and peel off cleanly.  So the end customer can put your marketing message where it works best for them.  Show them Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable, Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable with Split Back Liner, Fusion Smooth Polyester Fabric Repositionable, or any of our Peel N Stick products.

Q             Can you run Fusion Digital Paper™ on offset presses?

A             Yes, our high heat toner products will work on offset equipment.  Get samples and have your ink manufacturer do ink drawdowns to recommend the best ink for you.  If you are going to print offset shells and then run them back through your digital equipment, make sure you use laser inks that are approved for this process.

Q             How long will your bumper stickers last outdoors?

A            Our bumpers stickers will last outdoors for years.  But the question that you need to ask, and that limits the life of the bumper sticker is the life of your toner.  So call your digital equipment manufacturer and ask them how long their toner will last outdoors.  Usually we find this is six months to a year.  At such time you will see some toner fade or color shift.  Toner fade, or color shifting is affected by where you live and the amount of sun you get.  Even though over time you will get toner fade, it doesn’t mean it will make your bumper sticker unusable, it will just have less color pop compared to a bumper sticker that has not be exposed to sunlight.  You can UV coat the bumper stickers to improve toner life and retard toner fading.

Q             Can I UV coat Fusion Digital Paper™ products?

A             Yes, the Peel N Stick products and Repositionable products are UV coated on a regular basis to help protect with toner life, toner fade, and scuffing when going through high speed mail sorting equipment.  We always recommend getting samples and testing for your approval as there is a wide variety of UV Coaters and Coatings.

Q             What types of surfaces will your repositionable adhesive adhere to and remove from?

A             Our Woven Fabric Repositionable, Peel N Stick Postcards™, Peel N Stick “O”Mailer, Peel N Stick Bumper Stickers™, and Smooth Polyester Fabric Repositionable, all have the same repositionable adhesive that is designed to adhere to, and remove cleanly from painted walls, wood cabinets, metal and glass.  We have had customers report successful applications using these products on laptops, various plastics, and even fabric office cubicle partitions.  However, for these types of applications, we always recommend that you test the product first for your particular application.  Also, the surface should be clean and dry.