Fusion Peel N Stick Inkjet Photo Pro

Fusion Peel N Stick Inkjet Photo Pro (13″ x 19″ Sheets)

$57.25 per 25 Sheet Pack


Fusion Peel N Stick Inkjet Photo Pro has an inkjet printable polyester fabric face stock that is tear, water and UV resistant.  The durable fabric is super conformable which aids in sticking to all types of surfaces, even textured stucco surfaces or painted concrete block walls.

Our proprietary inkjet top coating creates a surface that yields crisp clear images and color pop on quality inkjet printers.  Fusion Peel N Stick Inkjet Photo Pro is definitely a professional grade product which allows you to achieve printed photos faithful to the moment they were captured in your camera lens.  It’s a versatile product because professional photographers can add it to their product portfolio, but it is also very affordable and easy to use for the amateur that has a quality inkjet printer.

Fusion Peel N Stick Inkjet Photo Pro has a repositionable adhesive that will adhere to approved surfaces such as painted walls, wood cabinets, glass, metal, stainless steel refrigerators, laptops and more.  Our adhesive will not only stick to approved surfaces, but is also repositionable, so it can be peeled off cleanly and reapplied over and over again.  The durable fabric will not stretch or tear like vinyl so it lets the customer experiment with placement of their photographs and allows them to be repositioned or moved wherever they see fit.  And because the face stock and top coating are so durable, when used in combination with pigment inks, you can even use Fusion Peel N Stick Inkjet Photo Pro for many outdoor applications.

Fusion Peel N Stick Inkjet Photo Pro is easy to use and a great way to send pictures to your family and friends.  One customer noted, “My Mom is 88 years old and doesn’t like to buy picture frames and put nail holes in her walls. I used Fusion Peel N Stick Inkjet Photo Pro and printed up pictures of her newest great grandson and we hung them in different areas of her house.  The quality of the pictures was amazing and it was super easy to stick them exactly where my Mom wanted them.  We put one in the living room, one in the bedroom, and another on her stainless steel refrigerator.”

In addition, college students love to use Fusion Peel N Stick Inkjet Photo Pro to decorate their dorm rooms.  One college told us that they call our product ‘dorm proof’ because there’s no need for costly wall repairs at the end of the year.  Just peel off the pictures and throw them away and you are ready for next year’s incoming students.

Made in the USA, Fusion Peel N Stick Inkjet Photo Pro is the fun, easy and inexpensive way to turn your photos into beautiful pictures that you can adhere to your walls.  Hanging a picture has never been easier than with Fusion Peel N Stick Inkjet Photo Pro — just print, peel, and stick!  No picture frames or nails needed.



  • Proprietary inkjet top coating provides beautiful crisp images, color pop and print fidelity
  • Polyester fabric face stock conforms to textured surfaces such as textured walls or painted concrete block walls
  • Adhesive is repositionable on approved surfaces such as painted walls, wood cabinets, glass, metal, stainless steel, laptops, or cell phone cases
  • Fast and easy to install with no need for expensive picture frames or holes in the wall that need to be repaired
  • Use tiling software and combine multiple sheets to create large wall graphics and pictures
  • Made in the USA and available in popular 13” x 19” size


It is better to use light ink coverage than heavy coverage, and in many cases just the plain paper setting will work best. Pigmented inks usually produce less vibrant colors, but these inks are good for water and UV fade resistance. Dye based inks will provide better color vibrancy, but are not as good with water and UV fade resistance. Print only on the fabric face stock side, not on the release liner. Note that printer and ink technologies are constantly changing so you may need to experiment to determine how to get the best results based on your printer, inks and ambient conditions. This product is only for use in inkjet printers and will not work on any toner-based printing platforms. Allow ink to dry for at least 30 minutes before exposure to water. Water or solvent-based protective overspray varnishes can be used for enhanced water and sunlight fade resistance.

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