Fusion Digital Printing Paper & Polyester Fabric Printing

Fusion Digital Printing Paper & Polyester Fabric Printing

Fusion Digital Paper manufactures revolutionary digital paper solutions in the USA for your everyday use. From rigid polyester to Peel N Stick Postcards™ and Crystal Clear Clings for windows, no job is too big. Take a look at some of the digital paper products we offer:

Fusion Soft Polyester Paper

Fusion Soft Polyester Paper is stain-proof, tear-resistant and waterproof, making it an ideal choice for restaurant menus, outdoor manuals, and other applications where the paper is likely to come in contact with moisture or endure repeated handling.

13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover

Our hybrid polyester product is static-free and prints like paper, yet provides the advantages and sturdiness of a polyester product. You can cut, punch and stack this paper as soon as it comes off the printer. 13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover paper is perfect for business cards, cook books, menus, military field manuals, and luggage tags.

Fusin Rigid Polyester

Fusion Digital Paper’s Rigid Polyester can withstand most environmental conditions and exposure to harsh elements, eliminating the need for and wasteful spending associated with lamination. Outdoor signs, sailing logs, and weather resistant manuals printed with Rigid Polyester last longer and are resistant to scuffs and scratches.

Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™

Make your marketing efforts stand out among competitors with a Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™. These postcards can be repositioned infinitely and will adhere to non-magnetic surfaces, including painted walls, glass, wooden cabinets, and other non-metal surfaces. This product is perfect for direct mailers and magnet replacements with a printable backside for coupons and special offers.

Fusion Peel N Stick “O” Mailer

Create a repositionable bumper sticker that can be placed on any surface. Our waterproof and tear-resistant Peel N Stick “O” Mailers are an excellent marketing tool for colleges, businesses, sports teams, clubs, and community groups. These stickers are long-lasting and UV resistant.

Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable

Decals, magnetic paper and stickers cannot hold a candle to the unmatched durability and versatility of Fusion Digital Paper’s Woven Fabric Repositionable. You will never have to worry about fabric stretching when the product is removed and reapplied. Fusion offers backside printing for additional marketing opportunities.

Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable with Split Back Liner

Peeling and applying our Woven Fabric Repositionable is easier than ever with a split-back liner, making it an excellent alternative to magnets.

Fusion Smooth Polyester Repositionable

Enjoy all the repositioning and durability benefits of our woven fabric products, plus a smooth polyurethane-coated face stock. Print messages, special offers and coupons on the release liner to receive the maximum reach from mailers, stickers and other marketing materials.

Fusion Digital Satin Fabric

You won’t believe the look and feel of our cloth-like satin fabric paper. Create one-of-a-kind and long-lasting ribbons, bookmarks, banners, and custom event pendants. Our tear-resistant and waterproof satin fabric paper holds up well to cutting and sewing, and is extremely impervious to curling, rotting, shrinking, moisture, and mildew.

Fusion Digital Name Badge

Choose Fusion Digital Paper’s superior adhesive name badges for all-day wear and clean removal, perfect for kid’s clothing stickers, clothing name badges, backstage passes, and personnel badges.

Fusion Extreme Permanent

The Fusion Extreme Permanent label is one of the strongest and most versatile labels money can buy. This revolutionary adhesive label has the ability to withstand temperatures as low as -320˚F and as high as 340˚F without distortion, deterioration and discoloration. Our labels are used on the Alaskan Pipeline, for freezer labels, as cryogenic labels, and for outdoor labeling needs.

Fusion Crystal Clear Cling

Create a custom window cling that is truly clear, not white or frosty like the vast majority of products on the market today. Our clear polyester window clings can be printed in direct or reverse styles. The superior quality of our product ensures that the cling will never become brittle, crack, turn yellow or sag. Within 48 hours of an incredibly easy application process, you will see your cling disappear, revealing only your graphics and message.