Digital Ink and Synthetic Paper

In a press release last week detailed a survey in regard to how publishers are beginning to solidify their mobile strategies in a rapidly shifting market. Mobile is getting plenty of attention and formatting content for mobile use continues to gain steam. Most large publishers have already begun their initiatives and it was stated that small and mid-sized businesses will begin to get into the game.
Some findings from the survey indicate that mobile will help to drive their web traffic.
Mobile continues to drive website traffic. With more consumers accessing the Internet via a mobile device, publishers are jumping at the opportunity to increase their overall website traffic. Seventy-five percent of survey respondents believe that mobile will be responsible for a five to 50 percent increase in their website traffic in the next two years.
Synthetic Paper and Mobile Media
The full press release can be found here- Press release.
Using QR codes, mobile phones and synthetic paper, like Fusion Digital Paper, can work together to take the traffic to the web!