Fusion Digital Paper™ Products Are Synthetic Paper for Digital Imaging

Synthetic jobs that were traditionally offset printed, and could only be done cost effectively on long runs, can now be run on your digital imaging equipment. Thus, Fusion Digital Paper™ synthetics substrates are a viable option for short run high quality projects. Fusion Digital Paper™ has a variety of digital synthetic products to meet most any need. And believe it or not, Fusion Digital Paper™ can actually be a cost effective alternative to the substrates you might be using currently.

For example, let’s look at a comparison between our Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™ versus a magnet that is tipped onto a postcard. As you know, your magnet only sticks to metal, and there’s a good chance that refrigerator you were sticking the magnet to is now stainless steel, so the magnet doesn’t even stick to it. Our Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™ repositionable adhesive will not only stick to stainless steel, but also to your wood cabinets, painted walls, mirrors, and windows. And one of the best features of our adhesive is that it sticks to virtually any surface, but it’s also repositionable, so it can easily be moved again and again.

We are confident that if you do a cost comparison of our Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™ versus a printed four color magnet that is tipped onto a printed postcard, you will find that our product gives you a competitive edge. Plus, when you factor in that our 4-up 5 ½” x 8 ½” Fusion Peel N Stick Postcards™ have a pre kiss cut face stock to allow you to produce one, or one thousand, kiss cut repositionable postcards in a matter minutes without ever having to leave your facility, you’ll realize there is a significant production advantage too.

Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable, which is the same product construction as Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™ without the pre-kiss cut face stock, is a great alternative to vinyl wall graphics because it won’t stretch when removed from the wall and will keep its shape even when reapplied over and over.

Fusion Digital Paper™ also has a truly unique offering in Fusion Soft Polyester because it has the positive characteristics of both polyester and paper. It is water and tear resistant for excellent durability, but also feeds, prints and can handle print finishing processes like paper does. Our silky smooth surface provides beautiful image fidelity and toner adhesion. Fusion Soft Polyester is available in three calipers: 7.5, 10 and 12 mil to meet your end-use application needs. This product is also very stain resistant which makes it great for menus, and can be washed and used repeatedly for placemat applications.

Compared to other polyester sheets, Fusion Soft Polyester has virtually no static build up to assure excellent runnability on your production digital imaging equipment. This is a feature that cannot be overstated, because if you have tried to run a polyester sheet on your digital equipment, you understand that static is usually an inherent problem with this type of a product. But this is not the case with Fusion Soft Polyester, as you will experience no static problems on the feeding or receiving ends of your equipment.

Fusion Digital Name Badge has a satin acetate fabric face stock that is top coated for digital imaging. This product has a removable adhesive made specifically for clothing apparel. It is a great product for any high quality name badge application.

When designing specific event backstage and security passes to meet today’s enhanced security demands, Fusion Digital Name Badge gives you the ability to print only the exact number of required badges with variable information unique to your individual event.

The coated face stock, 92# stay-flat release liner, and premium removable adhesive give you a superior badge product, both for beautiful image graphics and scratch resistant toner adhesion, and also with an adhesive you can trust for a variety of apparel applications. Additional end-use applications are carpet and furniture sample labels and wine and beverage labels.

Fusion Digital Name Badge performs well during die cutting and punching, is non-fraying, resists shrinking and curling, and is effectively resistant to mildew and perspiration.

Fusion Digital Satin Fabric is a coated one side satin polyester fabric that offers some very unique opportunities. Imagine a cloth-like fabric with excellent smoothness of hand that has great runnability through your high speed digital equipment, and will provide excellent image fidelity and toner adhesion. That’s now a reality with Fusion Digital Satin Fabric.

This product performs well during print finishing operations such as die cutting, punching and grommeting. It is non-fraying and highly resistant to shrinking and curling. It also resists degradation from perspiration, rot, mildew, and moisture, so it’s great for outdoor applications.

Some unique applications this product has been used for are sewn in mattress private labels for mattress manufacturing companies and custom event pennants.

Fusion Rigid Polyester is a strong polyester film that has a coated surface designed for digital applications. Available in 5, 8 and 11 mil calipers to meet your end-use application needs, all three calipers are very durable. Our rigid digital polyester is tear resistant and waterproof, making it a great choice for outdoor applications that will be subjected to the toughest of conditions, even in-ground applications such as plant stakes.