Reasons to Use Synthetic Paper and Digital Printing

An article I found at Knepper Press reviewed 6 main reasons for digital printing, and our synthetic paper can play a big role. It is a really good list, so I summarized the points below:

1. Each individual piece can be personalized and marketers know this personalization can make a big difference in a direct mail response rate.

2. Shorter runs are feasible! Especially since some printers are providing the ability to order via the Internet, the cost to setup and run a small order is minimal.

3. Satisfactory color reproduction

4. Fast order turn-around time. Dry time is a non-issue since the sheets come out dry.

5. Here is where Fusion Digital Paper really can prove itself- you can print digitally and still use highly durable paper or choose a lightweight variety for direct mailing. Our waterproof paper has many applications, such as for decal paper or sticker paper.

6. Printing on-demand. Why keep boxes and boxes of brochures on-site that might become obsolete? Printing with our vinyl paper substitute allows you to print brochures and spec sheets whenever a specification changes.