6 mil Fusion Soft Polyester Lite

emergency medical signIf you’ve been searching for waterproof paper, our new 6 mil Fusion Soft Polyester Lite is an ultra-light version of our highly popular Fusion Soft Polyester line of synthetic papers. This durable paper is perfect for a wide variety of applications ranging from racing bibs to pages of outdoor books and manuals. Being very lightweight and conformable, racing bibs printed on 6 mil Fusion Soft Polyester Lite won’t hinder the runner or biker at all. Whatever the weather conditions, this durable product is up to the challenge.

Unlike printing on Tyvek® paper, which is often used for race bibs, but can only be safely printed on traditional Offset or HP Indigo presses, 6 mil Fusion Soft Polyester Lite runs beautifully on high heat toner production digital equipment, and outperforms print fidelity expectations. You should know that if you run Tyvek® or vinyl paper on your high heat toner digital equipment and get a jam, these low melt point substrates will melt and ruin the fuser unit. This is not the case with Fusion Digital Paper™ substrates because they are made from polyester, and therefore are engineered for high heat toner production digital equipment. In addition, you’ll be happy to know that like all the proprietary Fusion Soft Polyester products, available in 7.5, 10 and 12 mil calipers, 6 mil Fusion Soft Polyester Lite prints digitally with NO STATIC issues, which dramatically enhances productivity.

durable synthetic paperCheck out the racing bib showing the ability to personalize each racer’s bib with variable information. Are there any better applications for variable information than customizing each racing bib with the racer’s health information and the appropriate redeemable coupons based on information the racer disclosed when completing their online race application? Also note the print finishing operations that were accomplished with ease: punched holes to enable pinning the bib to the racer’s clothes and perfs for the tear-off coupons. The perfs were selected for their ability to stay intact during the rigors of a long race, yet still tear off once the racer had hit the finish line.

As we have experienced with all of our Fusion Digital Paper™ products, once customers see our products, they always seem to discover new applications. As the Boating Safety Guide pictured below shows, 6 mil Fusion Soft Polyester Lite was no different. This particular customer wanted a water and tear resistant product that could be kept on a boat, yet was boating safety guidedurable enough to take some abuse, and 6 mil Fusion Soft Polyester Lite fit the bill perfectly, even handling the round cornering print finishing with ease.

Seeking out new applications and helping your customers earn new business is both fun and rewarding. Stated simply, the more knowledge and experience customers gained with Fusion Digital Paper™ products, the more application solutions they seemed to find.

Remember, Fusion Digital Paper™ is proudly made in the USA and being that we are the manufacturer, and not just a converter, we are always interested to hear about your digital challenges. Our chemists and engineers continue to develop new, innovative products that keep you on the cutting edge of digital printing. We look forward to working with you on growing your digital synthetic substrate sales.

Check out the Features and suggested Applications for 6 mil Fusion Soft Polyester listed below.

6 mil Fusion Soft Polyester Lite Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Tear Resistant
  • Prints on high heat toner production digital presses with NO STATIC
  • Handles print finishing extremely well

In addition to 6 mil Lite, Fusion Soft Polyester is also available in 7.5 mil, 10 mil, and 12 mil calipers

6 mil Fusion Soft Polyester Lite Applications:

  • Racing bibs
  • Pages of outdoor manuals
  • Park and hiking trail maps
  • Tray liners
  • Bookmarks
  • Hunting licenses
  • Boating and sailing guides
  • Flight manuals
  • Heating and cooling tags
  • Military manuals
  • MSDS sheets
  • Oil and gas field manuals