Soft Polyester: Works Great for Restaurant Menus!

Last week we talked about how Fusion Soft Polyester is a great option for people looking for a waterproof, tear resistant, and stain resistant sheet that can be digitally printed.  While there are many different applications that call for such a sheet, one of the most common that we’ve seen our customers using Fusion Soft Polyester for is menus.

There are a number of reasons for Fusion Soft Polyester being a favorite for menus.  For starters, the print fidelity that you will get using Fusion Soft Polyester is excellent.  Colors seem to pop off the page and onto your guests’ table.  Moreover, because a great dining experience makes use of all of the senses, Fusion Soft Polyester has a supple, almost velvety texture that is as appealing to the fingers as your menu choices are to the eye.  This pleasing tactile sensation is in stark contrast to coldness of laminated papers commonly used for menus.  In addition, Fusion Soft Polyester, while very durable, is also very flexible, so it’s great for four-page menus that need to be printed, scored, and folded.

Of course, menus have to do more than just look and feel good.  They also have to be durable enough to make it through a busy night at your restaurant.  Fusion Soft Polyester passes this test in spades.  Not only is it waterproof and tear resistant like most other polyesters, Fusion Soft Polyester is very stain resistant.  Simply clean any menu with mild soap and warm water, and it is back to being good-as-new.

So Fusion Soft Polyester gives your restaurateur clients many great features, but what does it offer to printers, you ask?  Fusion Soft Polyester is sure to be the most hassle-free synthetic sheet you’ve ever run through your digital equipment.  As we discussed last week, most waterproof, tear resistant polyester sheets on the market are film-based products that have a lot of problems dissipating the electrostatic charge created by digital printing.  Fusion Soft Polyester has no such issues because it has NO STATIC.  You can run it through your production color digital equipment and when it emerges into the receiving end of your equipment you can jog it, stack it, score it, fold it, punch it, bind it, or do pretty much any other print finishing processes without any problems at all.  It really is a revolutionary product that will move from one end of your shop to the other just like ordinary paper.

Not only that, but Fusion Digital Paper™ products are manufactured here in the United States.  You can be proud that when you buy Fusion Digital Paper™ products you will be supporting American manufacturing in these tough economic times.  Fusion Soft Polyester is available in 7.5, 10, and 12 mil calipers.