See the foldable digital polyester

As you strive to get the most out of your digital equipment, substrate capabilities and performance are key factors in providing the optimum solution for your customer’s applications.

The sample pictured below, digitally printed on 7.5 mil Fusion Soft Polyester, is a perfect example of this.  This double parallel fold project was best suited for high heat toner digital equipment, and required both optimum on-press performance and maximum productivity in the print finishing department.

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7.5 mil Fusion Soft Polyester gives you:

  • Beautiful images that tempt you to visit the resort
  • A silky tactile sensation that exudes the quality of the resort
  • Static free digital runnability for maximum on-press productivity
  • A waterproof sheet that can swim with you in the ocean
  • A stain resistant surface that washes easily when spills are addressed in a prompt manner
  • Great toner adhesion on a durable, tear resistant sheet that can handle the rigors of the vacation and beyond
  • A unique digital polyester sheet that allows you to produce a double parallel fold with nice lay-flat characteristics

Our proprietary manufacturing process makes Fusion Soft Polyester unlike any other polyester sheet for high heat toner production equipment.  It is superior to top coated polyester film products both on-press and in the print finishing department, where it jogs, stacks, cuts, folds and punches just like paper.  Static free digital runnability cannot be overstated, especially if you are running a lot of digital polyester products.  

Fusion Soft Polyester is available in 7.5, 10 and 12 mil, plus our 6 mil Lite caliper.  In addition, our latest product, 13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover, has all the great qualities of Fusion Soft Polyester, including foldability, but is more rigid like the heavy caliper top coated polyester products.  So we have you covered regardless of your end use application.

At Fusion Digital Paper™ we’re focused on better.  Better products, better productivity, and better solutions.

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