Kiss Your Magnetic Paper Goodbye with Fusion Digital Paper™ Repositionable Products

The next time you have someone ask you for a magnet, tell them you have something even better. You have products that allow them to post their marketing message in many more places than a metal surface.

Magnets are kind of like the old rotary phones that you stuck you finger in and dialed in a circle. They were plugged into the wall, and you had to be in that location to use them. Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable, Fusion Peel N Stick Postcards™ and Fusion Peel N Stick Bumper Sticker™ are like your smartphone, because you can use them almost anywhere. Let’s face it; metal has been going away for a long time. Even in the movie The Graduate the future was “plastics” not metal, and that was 1967! So as metal goes away so do the marketing opportunities with magnets.

Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable, Fusion Peel N Stick Postcards™ and Fusion Peel N Stick Bumper Sticker™ are fresh and innovative. They will not only stick to virtually any surface, but they’re also repositionable, so they can easily be moved again and again. They’re like a magnet, but better, because you’re not limited to just metal surfaces, meaning your customers can display your marketing message virtually anywhere that is the most convenient for them.

Magnetic Paper can be difficult to run, and many times once you run magnetic paper digitally you have to then run it through a machine that magnetizes the paper. Otherwise, most customers that use magnets buy them from another supplier already printed and resell them, and if you want to mail them you have to tip them on a postcard. This all means time and money lost when using magnet paper.

But this is not the case with Fusion Digital Paper™ repositionable products. For example, our Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™ can be printed digitally on both sides; you have a waterproof, tear resistant, and UV resistant face stock; you have a great repositionable adhesive that allows the piece to be applied to painted walls, wood cabinets, glass, metal, and plastic; and our durable 8 PT release liner has a laser printable surface which gives you excellent toner anchorage when you print on the backside. Because this finished product has a 12 mil caliper it is perfectly suited for postcard applications.

We offer Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™ in 12×18 sheet size that has a pre kiss cut face to allow you to make 4-up 5 ½” x 8 ½” postcards. Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™ now allows you to produce one, or one million; kiss-cut repositionable postcards without ever having to leave your facility. You can print them in-house, they don’t have to be magnetized, and they help differentiate you from your competition. Yes, it really is this easy to offer your customers better solutions to their marketing needs.

Fusion Peel N Stick Bumper Stickers™ are the same product as our Peel N Stick Postcards™ except they are pre kiss-cut 5-up for 3”x 11” bumper stickers on a 12×18 sheet. Because they also have our same great repositionable adhesive they can be used as removable bumper stickers, school locker stickers, or simply for signage to put on painted walls and other surfaces.

Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable is a great alternative to vinyl wall graphics because it won’t stretch when removed from the wall and will keep its shape even when reapplied over and over. It also will cut cleanly with virtually no fraying. And it will stand up to UV without yellowing like vinyl papers. So whether the application is for either indoor or outdoor use Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable is sure to be a winner for both you and you customers.

Fusion Digital Paper™ is “Made in the USA” and focused on helping American businesses find unique marketing solutions. So Unleash your Creativity and let Fusion Digital Paper™ give you an edge on your next project. And remember, the next time someone asks you for magnets or magnetic paper, tell them you have something better; show them Fusion Digital Paper™ repositionable products.