Print Short Run Personalized Award Ribbons

With the new school year in full swing, it’s not too soon to start thinking about award ribbons to recognize academic and sports achievements.  Fusion Digital Paper™ has the perfect product to allow you to create short run, personalized award ribbons.  It’s called Fusion Digital Satin Fabric, and we’re pretty sure you’ve never seen anything like this totally unique digital substrate before!

Imagine being able to run a cloth-like material through your high heat toner digital equipment and create one-off personalized award ribbons.  Schools and other organizations working with young people, such as libraries, latch-key programs, sports leagues, swim teams, and dance studios will love the ability to personalize each award ribbon for the recipient.  And the kids are sure to love seeing their name on the award ribbon – it will be a keepsake they will cherish for years to come and the school or organization is sure to come back to you for repeat orders next year.satin award ribbons

Fusion Digital Satin Fabric comes in 12” x 18” sheet size, perfect for high speed production digital printing equipment.  It is a satin finish polyester fabric that is optimized for high heat toner printing on the satin (shiny) side.  (The backside has an acrylic primer coat and matte finish.)  You’ll get beautiful image fidelity and great toner adhesion to this unique fabric that also has excellent smoothness of hand.  In addition, Fusion Digital Satin Fabric offers superior performance in punching, sewing, die cutting and grommeting operations, and it won’t fray when cut.  It is also resistant to shrinking and curling, is waterproof and tear resistant, and won’t degrade from rot, mildew, and perspiration.

So imagine the possibilities of being able to economically run award ribbons on your digital equipment, where each and every ribbon can be personalized with the recipient’s name and other variable information.  With Fusion Digital Satin Fabric, you now can.

Racing bibs are another really unique application that Fusion Digital Satin Fabric has been successfully used for.  You can print beautiful graphics and one-off variable information on Fusion Digital Satin Fabric with your high heat toner equipment, cut them to individual racing bib size with no worries of fraying, and the images will be durable and the racing bib itself extremely tear resistant and water proof.

Another exciting application Digital Satin Fabric has been used for is customized golf pin flags.  Imagine being able to create a one-off golf pin flag for each hole of a local charity golf tournament.  Local businesses that sponsor a hole would get to have their logo and other information displayed on the flag for the hole they sponsor.  The custom printed flag can be easily cut-to-size and gommeted for attachment to the pin.  The advertising and goodwill buzz generated for the sponsors and the charity with the golfers will be appreciated by the tournament organizers, the charity, and sponsor businesses.

Outdoor pennants and banners are another popular application for Fusion Digital Satin Fabric.  Instead of being limited to using vinyl products that must be offset printed in large quantities, or slowly via wide format printing, you can use certain digital presses to make 12” x 47” banners.  This means you can create in a matter of minutes durable, waterproof, tear resistant outdoor pennants and banners that can be sewn and grommetted, with no need to send them out for laminating.  Fusion Digital Satin Fabric Banner Size has been printed on Konica Minolta C220, 280, 360, 452, 552, and 652 printers, as well as the C7000 if equipped with a bypass tray.  Other ideal candidate printers for Fusion Digital Satin Fabric Banner Size are MGI Meteor DP60 and DP8700, Xante Illumina, and certain Okidata and Intec printers.  Fusion Digital Satin Fabric, Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable and Fusion 7.5 mil Soft Polyester are all available in the 12” x 47” Banner Size in economical fifty sheet packs.

You’re probably already doing a fair amount of printing for schools and youth organizations.  Why not show them Fusion Digital Satin Fabric as an alternative to boring mass produced award ribbons, and in the process they are sure to know that you are on the cutting edge of the digital printing revolution.  The possibilities with Fusion Digital Paper™ are practically endless.

For more information about any Fusion Digital Paper™ products, or to watch great demonstration videos please go to or send an email to  We look forward to hearing about your applications and answering any questions you might have.