Print cloth on your digital equipment with Fusion Digital Satin Fabric

Sometimes it’s not what you say, but the substrate you say it on.  When you touch our Fusion Digital Satin Fabric bookmark you’ll find the cloth-like tactile sensation really draws you in.  The great print fidelity and color pop are sure to get you focused on the message, and then you will notice how pliable, yet durable the product is as you roll it through your fingers.

005Fusion Digital Satin Fabric: pliable, durable and digitally printable.

What you don’t see is how the bookmark was produced.  How quick and easy it prints on high heat toner production presses.  Fusion Digital Satin Fabric is a coated one-side satin polyester fabric that offers some very unique opportunities for creating custom personalized bookmarks, award ribbons, private labeled mattress labels and more.

Fusion Digital Paper™ offers the most diverse line of substrates for high heat toner digital production equipment.  Our products help you demonstrate your digital prowess and leadership, and prove to your customers that you are the source for unique digital solutions.

Be Bold.  Be Different.  Give us a call to discuss how Fusion Digital Paper™ can help you execute your digital marketing strategy.

Features and Benefits of Fusion Digital Satin Fabric:

100_2394 picmonkeyCreate short run private labeled mattress labels and customized bookmarks.
  • Ultra-durable coated one-side satin polyester fabric is water, tear and UV resistant so it’s great for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Designed to deliver great toner adhesion, print fidelity and color pop on your high heat toner production digital equipment.
  • Performs well during print finishing operations such as sewing, cutting and grommeting.
  • Highly resistant to shrinking or curling.
  • Very resistant to degradation from rot, mildew and moisture.
  • Stocked in 12″ x 18″ and 12″ x 47″ Banner size.
  • Banner size is perfect for creating waterproof and tear resistant indoor and outdoor banners on select digital equipment.
  • Fusion Digital Satin Fabric, like all our products, is Made in the USA.

Applications for Fusion Digital Satin Fabric:

100_2397 picmonkeyUse variable information to produce personalized award ribbons.
  • Personalized award ribbons
  • Customized bookmarks
  • Private label mattress labels
  • Outdoor and indoor custom banners and pennants
  • Golf outing custom pin flags