Lightweight, foldable menu solution

Pictured below is a great printed sample of a solution for a customer wanting to promote their “New Spring Brews” with a menu that would give them some durability but wouldn’t break the bank.

Prints great, folds great, and is waterproof and durable.

The solution started with 7.5 mil Fusion Soft Polyester. It’s a product that’s a win-win for the customer and the printer.

The customer loves it because: 
  • It’s waterproof and tear resistant so they don’t have numerous menus destroyed daily
  • It’s got a unique velvety feel, and although it is lightweight, it still has good body compared to lightweight polyester films or laminates
  • It’s stain resistant when spills are addressed quickly
  • It’s inexpensive and provides a great marketing medium for seasonal or special event promotions
The printer loves it because: 
  • It yields crisp, vivid images
  • It has static free runnability on toner digital equipment and during print finishing
  • It is waterproof and tear resistant so you can avoid the laminating step and cost
  • It folds great unlike polyester film and laminated products
  • It’s budget friendly and thus a great solution for numerous end uses
Tough enough for outdoor applications.

Tough enough for outdoor applications.

Imagine the possible applications for 7.5 mil Fusion Soft Polyester. Restaurant, bar and brew pub food, dessert, wine or drink menus. Folded or tri-folded brochures for hospitals, medical centers, or lawn and garden equipment manufacturers. All types of outdoor recreational pamphlets.  Boating and aircraft instruction manuals. Oil and gas industry weatherproof durable materials that will be used in the field. And the list just keeps growing.  The simple fact is that 7.5 mil Fusion Soft Polyester is an easy sell if you focus on the right end user applications.

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Perfect for poolside menus and brochures.

Perfect for poolside menus and brochures.