How to produce government-required safety signs on a tight university budget

Printing safety signs for college campuses don’t have to be a budget nightmare; digital print alternatives are available that will cost effectively help make for a safe university atmosphere

By Margeaux Nelson

A university is a student’s sanctuary, an educator’s workplace, and an administrator’s responsibility to ensure that it remains safe.

Students, faculty and guests need to be aware of precautionary measures they can take to ensure safety with signs that display emergency evacuation routes, indicate restrooms, loading zones and wheelchair accessible areas, for example.

If people are not made aware of their surroundings with safety signs, it could be harmful, if not fatal, which is why legislation has been enacted to make higher education institutions more secure. Proper placement of safety signs is a vital element of most universities’ Safety Departments’ role. They must abide by strict safety guidelines. However, the tight restrictions don’t end at the safety regulations, as universities must adhere to local, state and federal laws as well.

Traditionally, getting countless safety signs printed has been extremely expensive. But now new digital synthetics allow universities to print safety and other signage in-house saving money and allowing for immediate compliance.

In-house printing saves big bucks

Robert Donahue, director of purchasing at Franklin University projected savings of approximately $90,000 by printing some materials in house, according to Estimating a 30 percent savings, Donahue proved that taking on projects in-house works.

How to print safety signs in-house

In order to print quality safety collateral from the convenience of your own copy center, or your local digital printer, you must have material that can be printed via high heat toner color copiers.

Digital printing allows for incredible flexibility in making artwork changes, and in the quantity of signs you choose to produce; yet another money-saving feature.

Recommended digitally printable repositionable wall graphic material for safety signs

Fusion Digital Paper’s™ Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable with split back liner is a cost effective and convenient solution for printing a variety of safety, emergency and regulatory warning signs. In addition, its repositionable capabilities and adhesion to nearly any surface makes it a long-lasting product for play and concert posters, sporting events, open houses, upcoming conferences and school announcements.

Advantages of Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable with split back liner:

  • It can run on most high heat toner digital printers
  • It delivers high-quality finished pieces with excellent image fidelity
  • It can be repeatedly relocated while keeping its shape (unlike Vinyl, which stretches and yellows over time)
  • It is applicable to painted walls, wood cabinets, metal and glass and can be peeled off cleanly when you don’t need the sign anymore, or you want to move it
  • It is waterproof, UV- and tear-resistant, perfect for indoor or outdoor applications
  • It offers the opportunity to be creative in different types of signage through digital printing flexibility

Popular indoor safety sign applications:

  • Alerting to areas that require extra caution
  • Emergency evacuation routes
  • Pointing to elevators
  • Signaling restrooms
  • Biohazard zones cautioning
  • No smoking areas advisement
  • Labeling rooms and spaces
  • Identifying functional areas

Popular outdoor safety sign applications:

  • Identifying parking spaces
  • Pointing out passenger loading zones
  • Marking entrances and exits
  • Identifying rescue assistance areas
  • Providing directions
  • Concert, theater, sporting events, open houses

With digital print materials like Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable, following government safety sign regulations can be done both easily and economically. In-house digital printing can save your university money, freeing up budgets for academic agendas.