Great Results Writing on Fusion Soft Polyester

Over the last few months we’ve talked a lot in this blog about how Fusion Soft Polyester is a durable, waterproof, tear resistant, and stain resistant product.  However, a lot of people have gotten the impression that because of those qualities, you can’t write on it.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  While we always recommend that you test your pen and your application before fully implementing it, many of our customers have had great results in writing on Fusion Soft Polyester with ball point pens, permanent markers, and pencils.

This opens up Fusion Soft Polyester for a number of really useful applications.  You can use Fusion Soft Polyester for printing plans and permits for construction sites.  You can print all of the important information you know ahead of time in the office so that your document looks official, but you can still sign your permit or make notes and adjustments once you are out at the site.  Fusion Soft Polyester is also perfect for outdoor manuals for telecommunications workers, utility workers, landscapers, and plumbers.  It also is a great application for a machine shop or automotive garage.

Another great application for Fusion Soft Polyester is for scientists conducting research in the field.  Having a truly waterproof, tear resistant, and stain resistant sheet can be crucial in making sure that you can collect your data and get it back into the lab without it being destroyed by the elements.  You can now record your data with a ball point pen, a permanent marker, or even a pencil when you use Fusion Soft Polyester.

Fusion Soft Polyester is available in three popular calipers: 7.5 mil, 10 mil and 12 mil, so whatever the application we have the right caliper to meet your needs.

For more information about Fusion Soft Polyester or any other Fusion Digital Paper products, please email us at or visit our website  We’d love to hear about any other applications you might have in mind.