Great Paper Products for Outdoors

Spring has sprung, and summer is right around the corner.  That means unpredictable weather for most of us even as we try to get out and enjoy the outdoors.  Fusion Digital Paper™ has a number of products that can make gardening or hosting outdoor events possible, even if a springtime shower pops up to spoil the fun.

One popular application utilizes Fusion Soft Polyester to print waterproof, tear resistant outdoor manuals that can be used by everyone from professional or amateur gardeners, utility companies, or anyone planning an event outside.  Fusion Soft Polyester is a unique patented synthetic product made only by Fusion Digital Paper™ that is designed specifically to print on production digital equipment.  Because it is a polyester product and not a vinyl or polyethylene product, it is capable of withstanding the 350 to 400 degree fusing temperatures required by most high-end, high-heat toner production printing equipment on the market today without warping, stretching, or melting.

While there are some other synthetic products that can withstand those conditions (like, for instance, our Fusion Rigid Polyester), what makes Fusion Soft Polyester unique (and perfect for waterproof books and manuals) is the fact that  Fusion Soft Polyester prints and finishes just like paper does, with none of the static electricity issues found with other synthetic products.  Fusion Soft Polyester truly is the NO STATIC digital polyester paper of choice available on the market today.  Now you can print large volumes of pages multiple up and when they’re done cut, fold, punch, staple, spiral, twin loop or GBC bind with absolutely no static issues at all.  On top of that, Fusion Soft Polyester is extremely stain resistant, and can be wiped clean with soap and water.  So whether you’re making an instruction manual for a professional landscaping team, a scuba diving checklist, a guide for refreshing your backyard vegetable garden and flower beds, or producing a program for an outdoor party, festival, wedding, or graduation ceremony Fusion Soft Polyester is sure to be perfect for you.

No matter what kind of waterproof, tear resistant job you’re printing, make sure you keep Fusion Soft Polyester in mind.  It’s available in 7.5, 10, and 12 mil calipers so that you can print text, tabs, and covers that will be waterproof and tear resistant without laminating.  If you have any questions, would like help dialing in your digital equipment, or would simply like samples of this or any of the other amazing Fusion Digital Paper products, please look us up at or send an email to  We look forward to speaking with you.