Fusion Peel N Stick Bumper Sticker™ and Peel N Stick “O” Mailer are Great Fundraising Tools

Think about it.  Schools, youth sports teams, charity organizations, and churches are
always looking for a new fundraising idea.  The marching band, choir, theater club, service club, sports team, and booster club are just a few of the groups that will appreciate the unique opportunities offered by Fusion Digital Paper™ products to both raise money and increase their profile in the community.

Fusion Digital Paper™ has two products that are perfect for your fund raising applications:  Peel N Stick Bumper Sticker™ and Peel N Stick “O” Mailer.  The Peel N Stick Bumper Sticker™ has five 3” x 11” bumper stickers kiss cut on a 12” x 18” sheet, while the Peel N Stick “O” Mailer has four 4” x 6” oval stickers kiss cut on a 12” x 18” sheet.  Both products have the same great repositionable adhesive that will adhere to, and remove from, surfaces such as glass, metal, painted walls, wood cabinets and more.  The woven polyester fabric face stock prints beautifully, with incredible print fidelity and toner adhesion when printed on high heat toner digital equipment.  The 8 PT release liner is also capable of beautiful graphics when digitally printed.  With Fusion Digital Paper™ you can take advantage of the features of digital – no need to print huge quantities to be cost effective – print only what you need.

Here’s why both of these Fusion Digital Paper™ products are perfectly suited for fund raising campaigns.  The school or group partners with one or more local businesses – maybe a restaurant such as a pizza shop or a hair salon or a photographer that does graduation portraits.  These businesses underwrite the cost of printing the Fusion Peel N Stick Bumper Stickers™ or “O” Mailers in exchange for the right to print an advertising message and/or coupon on the back of the 8 PT release liner.  The face stock of the bumper sticker is printed with a message connected to the fundraising group such as “I support Lincoln High School Marching Band” or “Go Tiger Basketball”.  Students sell the bumper stickers to parents, other students, and the community at large.  When someone buys a bumper sticker, their donation helps the organization, but they also build community spirit and show support for the organization by displaying the bumper sticker on their car or window of their house.  On top of that, the supporter of the fund raiser also gets a coupon to use at the sponsoring business.

Fusion Peel N Stick Bumper Stickers™ and Peel N Stick “O” Mailers are a win/win/win proposition for fund raising.  The organization raises funds and increases visibility in the community.  The people buying the bumper stickers get a neat sticker to display and a coupon to use at a local business.  The sponsor business gets to advertise and increases business, all while showing support for the community, which is also good for business.  And the printer gets a nice order too.

For information about any of the innovative Fusion Digital Paper™ products, or to watch informative demonstration videos, please send an email to al@fusiondigitalpaper.com.  We look forward to hearing about your applications and answering any questions you may have.