Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™ Allows All Printers to Take Advantage of the Resurgence of Direct Mail

Dorothy Zhang’s recent article “Direct mail marketing bouncing back with economy” highlights the recent resurgence in direct mail.

And now, due to the revolutionary new product Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™, all printers can participate in producing profitable direct mail campaigns.Peel N Stick Postcard Direct Mail

Designed for postcard magnet applications or “save the date” campaigns that need to get noticed, Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™ is made to run on your digital equipment. Made with our special top coated woven polyester face stock, you will get great image fidelity and color brilliance. Our adhesive will not only stick to virtually any surface, it’s also repositionable, and so it can easily be moved again and again. It’s like a magnet, but better, because you’re not limited to just metal surfaces.

Our durable 8 PT release liner has a laser printable surface which gives you excellent toner anchorage when you print on the backside. Because this finished product has a 12 mil caliper it is perfectly suited for postcard applications. We offer Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™ in 12×18 sheet size that has a pre kiss-cut face to allow you to make 4-up 5 ½” x 8 ½” postcards. Take a look at a video of this unique product https://www.fusiondigitalpaper.com/products/digital-sheets/fusion-peel-n-stick-postcard.

Zhang notes, “Direct-mail advertising sales rose 3.1 percent last year, a significant turnaround from the previous three-year drop of 20 percent, according to New-York-based marketing consulting firm Winterberry Group LLC. The firm is forecasting a 5.8 percent increase in direct mail spending for 2011.” Zhang attributes the rise to a demand by businesses to get noticed again. Zhang cites Hebert Rivero, owner of Minuteman Press, who says, “People are not opening their e-mails the way they used to, because there’s too many, so they just delete marketing e-mails pretty readily.”

Now all printers can win by using Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™ for their direct mail pieces. You don’t have to be a huge company to search out and capitalize on direct mail opportunities. Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™ now allows you to produce one, or one million kiss cut repositionable postcards without ever having to leave your facility. Yes, it really is this easy. So for direct mail campaigns that need to get noticed and have a long term impact, use Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™.