Fusion Peel N Stick “O” Mailer

Here’s another great example of how Fusion Digital Paper can help you grow your digital business. The digitally printed Fusion Peel N Stick “O” Mailer pictured below was a perfect solution for mailing out football schedules to Utah State University alumni and booster club members.

Fusion August 1Utah State created a nice football theme by playing on the 4″ x 6″ oval sticker shape and printing the pigskin background.  They liked that the face stock is water and tear resistant for a durable sticker that can be used indoors or outdoors.  They also liked that the oval schedule had a repositionable adhesive that sticks to painted walls, wood cabinets, laptops, glass and metal, but peels off cleanly when the season is over.  It is like having a magnet that will stick almost anywhere!

But they also used this as an opportunity to sell more Aggie gifts and gear.  Notice the redeemable coupon printed on the back with Locker 42, the official Utah State Aggie branded reseller.  By using the Fusion Peel N Stick “O” Mailer, Utah State not only found an easy way to produce and mail a football schedule to their best supporters, but they also saw this as a revenue generating mailer.  Talk about a win-win product.

Are you located near any high schools and/or colleges that have football, basketball, baseball or soccer teams, or activities such as marching band?  Or how about alumni groups, booster clubs, businesses, or political campaigns that want a super easy way to produce and mail an oval bumper sticker?  With a big midterm election in November, there’s no better time to set the table for an “O” Mailer oval bumper sticker program with campaign headquarters.  And with digital printing, you can even personalize the printed message to each recipient.

Features and Benefits of Fusion Peel N Stick “O” Mailer:Fusion August 2Fusion August 3

  • Allows you to easily produce and mail 4″ x 6″ repositionable oval bumper stickers, saving you time and money.
  • See the 4-up 12″ x 18″ template on our website.
  • The woven polyester fabric face stock is water, tear and UV resistant, so it can be used for indoor and/or outdoor stickers.
  • The repositionable adhesive sticks to many surfaces and can be removed and reapplied again and again.
  • The 8 PT release liner prints beautifully with your production high heat toner digital equipment so you can print sharp redeemable coupons, instructions, marketing messages, and the mailing address on the liner.
  • 12 PT total caliper makes Fusion Peel N Stick “O” Mailer a sturdy product to handle the rigors of the mail system.
  • Fusion Peel N Stick “O” Mailer, like all our products, is made in the USA.

Applications for Fusion Peel N Stick “O” Mailer:Fusion August 4

  • School and youth sports teams
  • Booster clubs
  • Alumni associations
  • Political campaigns
  • Community groups
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Businesses
  • Magnet replacements

If you are interested in our Peel N Stick “O” Mailer, please feel free to contact us today with any further questions or concerns about our products! We look forward to hearing from you.