Fusion Extreme Permanent perfect solution for Polar Vortex

Extreme PermanentIn winters like this, with the coining of terms such as “Polar Vortex”, it’s only natural that these extreme temperatures and weather conditions call for tough, durable products.  When you have labeling applications that are subjected to adverse weather and other demanding conditions, and the project calls for digital printing on your high heat toner equipment, we have a great product for you called Fusion Extreme Permanent.

Fusion Extreme Permanent is made with a polyurethane coated polyester fabric face stock.  This is important for a number of reasons.  The smooth polyurethane Fusion Extreme Permanent face stock creates a durable, robust and easy-to-print face stock.   If by chance you get a jam in your high heat toner fuser unit vinyl labels can melt while our polyester fabric face stock will not.  And unlike vinyl labels which will stretch, yellow, sag, get brittle and crack over time, our Fusion Extreme Permanent face stock is engineered to last.

This is important for applications like the application pictured above, where a plumber wants to affix a label to any water heaters he installs or services.  Note how the label is customized to assure that as long as the water heater is in use the plumber’s emergency service number is prominently displayed.  Our pliable polyester fabric face stock will conform to round or textured surfaces and adhere for the long haul.  And note the $150 discount offer for the customer’s next water heater, so when the water heater is on its last legs, this label will still be selling and help the plumber get the call for the new water heater. 

Fusion Extreme Permanent conforms and adheres beautifully to the raised seam on this water heater.

Extreme Permanent 2But as durable as our Fusion Extreme Permanent face stock is, it’s also called Extreme due to the adhesive.  Because Fusion Extreme Permanent can be applied to clean dry surfaces at temperatures as low as -20⁰ F, and once applied, it can take temperatures ranging from down to -320⁰F and up to 340⁰F.  It can handle cryogenic labeling applications and has been used for labels on the Alaska Pipeline and the Alaskan Iron Dog Race.  And rest assured, if the label is used in Phoenix, Arizona, where a lot of water heaters are located in garages, and can get baked with temperatures in the range of 140⁰F in the summer, Fusion Extreme Permanent will still hold up nicely.

Made is the USA, Fusion Digital Paper™ has the most diverse range of synthetic and pressure sensitive products engineered  specifically for high heat toner digital printing.  This means we have products like our Fusion Soft Polyester which will improve your productivity both on your digital press and in your print finishing department due to its NO STATIC runnability feature.  Our products are super durable to meet the needs of your demanding applications, and truly are designed to run safely on your high heat toner digital equipment.