Fusion Digital Products for Home Decorating

Home decorating is not necessarily an area that would first come to mind when thinking of applications for Fusion Digital Paper™ products.  This is one of the coolest parts about working with these unique products: we’re always coming up with new and exciting applications!  Fusion Crystal Clear Cling and Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable are the perfect products to create incredible, eye catching window accents, holiday decorations, and wall graphics that can be changed over and over again as the seasons (or your tastes) change.

Fusion Crystal Clear Cling is an optically clear polyester film-based window cling product that you can print digitally without melting like vinyl products would.  Also, unlike vinyl, Fusion Crystal Clear Cling won’t yellow or sag over time.  You can use it to provide stylish accents to your large or small windows.  Simply print whatever pattern or design you want and apply it using one of two methods.

For quick applications (or just to test out your design) you can apply Fusion Crystal Clear Cling dry.  Fusion Crystal Clear Cling will jump right onto the window with strong cling force, which is aided by a small amount of our repositionable adhesive.  This means your window clings will not be falling down or sagging, no matter how long you leave them on the window.  They can also easily be applied over and over whether you take them down to change them, or simply want to clean your window.  Remember to keep the adhesive free from dust and dirt before reapplying to the window.  The second application method is the wet application method.  You can use a spray bottle of water or a sponge to wet an area slightly larger than the cling itself.  Then simply apply the cling and smooth out any air bubbles with a felt squeegee.  After 24 hours, the cling will “wet out,” leaving a remarkably clear surface.  No matter which method you choose to apply your clings, you’ll be left with a crystal clear cling with colors that really pop.

Another decorating application for Fusion Digital Paper™ products is to use PerceptionWoven Fabric Repositionable wide format rolls to print changeable wallpaper borders and murals.  Perception Woven Fabric Repositionable is available with two different top coatings.  One top coat is a multi-ink platform for solvent, eco sol and UV wide format inks, while the other top coat is specifically designed for aqueous wide

format inks.  Perception Woven Fabric Repositionable comes in 100 foot long rolls and widths ranging from 24 to 60 inches depending on the type of ink.  Or you can use the 12” x 18” sheet version of Woven Fabric Repositionable to print on high heat toner digital equipment and apply the sheets end to end as a wall border.  Both the Perception wide format and toner sheet product version use our unique woven polyester fabric as the face stock and have a rich, non-glare, textured surface, resulting in brilliant colors that pop.  And unlike vinyl, the woven polyester fabric will not shrink or stretch.  Plus, it can be cut easily without fraying, or lifting from the liner, even around fine detail.  The adhesive found on Woven Fabric Repositionable is more than strong enough to remain in place when properly applied to clean, dry walls, but it is gentle enough to remove easily with no sticky residue when you decide you want a change.  This means that you can update a room’s accents as the seasons, holidays, or your tastes change.

Finally, you can use Fusion Crystal Clear Cling or Woven Fabric Repositionable to produce wonderful holiday decorations for your window or walls.  Whether you want to make snowmen or reindeer for winter, jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, turkeys or cornucopias for Thanksgiving, shamrocks and leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day, or anything else, the limits really are only your imagination.

For more information about Fusion Digital Paper products, please log onto www.fusiondigitalpaper.com or send an email to al@fusiondigitalpaper.com.  We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.