Fusion Digital Banner Products

For months now we’ve used this blog to talk about using Fusion Digital Paper products to make eye-catching wall graphics and banners that are quick to make and easy to apply, remove, and reapply over and over again.  Now, the traditional way to do this is with our Perception Wide Format rolls.  However, what if you don’t have a wide format printer?  Well the good news is that you’re still in luck with Fusion Digital Banner products.

Fusion Digital Paper™ offers three products in 12” x 47” banner size.  Now you can use Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable, 7.5 mil Fusion Soft Polyester, and Fusion Digital Satin Fabric to create quick, colorful banners and wall murals for indoor and/or outdoor use.  There’s no need to laminate these products, either.  They’re all waterproof and tear resistant so they can withstand the UV of the bright sun and the occasional shower without worry.

Fusion Digital Banner products can be run on Konica Minolta C220, 280, 360, 452, 552, and 652.  If you have one on these copiers just plug in the banner size and select the Thickness 1 setting for the 7.5 mil Fusion Soft Polyester or the Fusion Digital Satin Fabric, and select the Thickness 3 setting for the Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable product.    They have also been used successfully on a Konica Minolta C7000 if equipped with a bypass tray.  Xante Ilumina, the Intec XP2020 PRO and the CP 2020 PRO, the MGI Meteor DP 60 and DP 8700 and some Okidata printers are also ideal candidates for Fusion Digital Banner products.

So feel free to create banners that you can grommet and hang at a party.  Create a durable, waterproof, stain resistant sign for a construction site.  Easily make a colorful mural that you can reposition for sporting events or corporate signage.  It’s really that simple with Fusion Digital Banner products.  But even more impressive is that you can now make outdoor durable signs literally in minutes.  No trips to the print finisher for laminating.  No frustrating hours watching your wide format printer ink jet head going back and forth.  It’s fast, it’s durable, it’s waterproof and you can produce one or one hundred banners quick and inexpensively.

For more information about Fusion Digital Banner products, or to place an order visit www.fusiondigitalpaper.com or send an email to al@fusiondigitalpaper.com.  We’d be happy to answer your questions.