Digital Satin Fabric Great for Labels, Pennants or Banners

Fusion Digital Satin Fabric is a product that many people don’t think of when they think of digital printing. You wouldn’t think that you could print a cloth like material with your digital press, or maybe you couldn’t think of any reasons why you’d want to. However, just like other digital synthetics, as digital printing gradually overtakes traditional offset printing as time goes by, it is highly likely that many fabrics will be digitally printed in the future rather than using traditional printing methods. From mattress labels to award ribbons to custom pennants and banners, Fusion Digital Satin Fabric can be another great way to increase your digital printing business.

Fusion Digital Satin Fabric is a woven polyester fabric that is coated and optimized for printing on one side (though there are certainly many users who have printed both sides). It has a unique texture which gives it a satin cloth-like feel that is perfect for durable applications like mattress labels and outdoor pennants. Fusion Digital Satin Fabric is water and mildew resistant, and it’s so durable that it can even be sewn and grometted.

One of the most popular uses for Fusion Digital Satin Fabric is custom mattress labels. Because of the high cost of shipping heavy mattresses around the country, you’ve probably noticed that many mattress stores advertise themselves as being mattress manufacturers as well. This means that there are great opportunities for printing mattress labels with the local manufacturer, and the ability to print on-demand private labels makes digital printing the perfect tool for the job, and Fusion Digital Satin Fabric the perfect product for the job.

Other popular applications are for outdoor pennants or banners. You’re no longer limited to just using vinyl products that must be offset printed in large quantities, or slowly via wide format. Now you can offer pennants just a few at a time, turn around your job in a matter of minutes, and they’ll be perfect for outdoor use even if you do get that spring shower at your event. And did you know there are a myriad of high heat toner digital printers that will now print 12” x 47” banners and that Fusion Digital Satin Fabric is available in 12” x 47” fifty sheet packs. Just imagine, waterproof, tear resistant outdoor pennants that you can sew and grommet now can be printed in minutes when you use Fusion Digital Satin Fabric. That’s right; no more need to send these out to laminate.

Another great application is award ribbons. This application for Fusion Digital Satin Fabric is perfect for local festivals or fairs, youth sports teams, or special events and parties. Just another great way that Fusion Digital Paper™ can be the door opener you are looking for to help you earn new business. Finishing Fusion Digital Satin Fabric is easy as it guillotine cuts, or die cuts cleanly.

Like all Fusion Digital Paper products, Fusion Digital Satin Fabric is manufactured here in the United States, so you can be proud to support American manufacturing when you make your purchase. Whatever your project calls for, you’re only limited by your imagination when you use Fusion Digital Paper™ products to get the most of your digital equipment.

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