Tailor Your Digital Name Badges with Stunning Graphics

Fusion Digital Name Badge is yet another great offering from Fusion Digital Paper™.  While at the outset, it might not seem to be as fun and exciting as our other products; there are a whole host of events and opportunities where Fusion Digital Name Badge can be a great product for you or your clients.  Fact is, this is a very popular product and a real workhorse and although name badges have been around for a long time, many of our customers tell us Fusion Digital Name Badge is the best they have used.

Fusion Digital Name Badge has a satin acetate face stock with a top coating so that it is optimized for digital printing.  It features a premium apparel adhesive that will safely remove from almost every fabric (like other name badges we advise against using on leather or suede).  These two components work nicely together creating a name badge that will flex and move with your clothing and remain stuck on you all night long, unlike stiff paper stocks or flimsy adhesives. 

Simply stated, whatever the shape of the person you are applying the Fusion Digital Name Badge to, the face stock conforms to their contours and the premium apparel adhesive grips tight so you won’t have name badges laying all over the floor.  Even if you use the name badges for a kids party where they are running all over the place they’ll work great…and peel off cleanly at the end of you event.  

In addition, Fusion Digital Name Badge comes with a sturdy 92# lay flat release liner that allows for easy runnability through your digital equipment.  The liner has 3 scores running parallel to the 18” edge to make it easy for the customer to peel off the liner and apply the name badge.

And a great new feature is that Fusion Digital Name Badge is now ink jet printable.  So if you want to print your name badge shells with high heat toner equipment and then imprint variable information at your show with ink jet printers this is now possible with Fusion Digital Name Badge.  Fusion Digital Name Badge is also available for HP Indigo presses.

Fusion Digital Name Badge is perfect for any event where you want eye-catching name badges; you require additional security features, or both.  Fusion Digital Name Badge will allow you to create stunning graphics for weddings, reunions, and conventions.  For those looking to add some security to their identification, you can print variable images like photographs, custom sequential numbering, QR codes or bar codes, and you can do so while printing only the exact number of name badges that you need.  The unique look and feel of our satin face stock will be an additional security feature.

Whether you’re looking to add a creative touch to a family or high school reunion, or are looking to ensure the security of trade shows or corporate events, Fusion Digital Name Badge is sure to be a great choice for you.

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