Fusion Digital Paper™ Offers Digital Solutions for Creative Restaurant Signs, Custom Window Clings and Wall Graphics

Washington, UT (PRWEB)     Fusion Digital Paper™ introduces Fusion Crystal Clear Cling and Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable, two clever solutions that allow restaurants to conveniently promote seasonal and permanent offerings, by inexpensively digitally printing beautiful images onto durable synthetic cling and pressure sensitive substrates. With easy application to windows, painted walls, wood cabinets and metal, these products are also repositionable and will cleanly peel off all of these surfaces. These products truly offer the advantages of one-off digital marketing, allowing restaurants to print in-house on their own high heat toner production color copiers, or at a local printer or copy shop.”When people receive ordinary postcards in the mail, they are often filed away, or thrown out, so you really only have a split second to get your marketing message across. However, our new Fusion Peel N Stick Postcards can be posted almost anywhere.”

A new Technomic poll found that more than half of consumers plan to take their mothers out to eat in celebration of Mother’s Day this year. That study validates that restaurants should capitalize on such promotional opportunities by exploring every option to communicate their seasonal or temporary offerings, such as holiday campaigns and timely specials.


Fusion Crystal Clear Cling is an optically clear window cling. Made of a durable polyester film, it will endure most outdoor applications and will not yellow or sag like vinyls do, according to Al Grant, director of sales, marketing and distribution for Fusion Digital Paper™. Information can be reverse printed so the cling can be placed inside of the window for protection from the elements and mischief. Grant also guarantees that, “Unlike other clings that are white or ‘frosty’ clear, Fusion Crystal Clear Cling is, well, crystal clear, so there is no need to sacrifice the view. Promotional messages can be communicated while customers are still able to enjoy the views from their table, and the public walking by your restaurant can see the inviting atmosphere inside.”

Grant adds that windows and glass doors are not the only valuable marketing opportunity in a restaurant. “Every wall is an opportunity to tastefully communicate with customers,” Grant said. He advises restaurant owners to think outside the box and look at all of the marketing opportunities inside their restaurant that can help differentiate them from their competitors.

Fusion Digital Paper™ products allow customers to meld unique synthetic substrates and wall graphics with the flexibility of digital printing, taking advantage of one-off marketing. “For example, say you have a business group, wedding rehearsal dinner, or sports team that wants to have a special event at your restaurant. What would make them feel more at home and special, than if you got some digital pictures from them in advance and made a few 12”x18” pictures on Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable to hang on the wall for the night?” Grant stated. “It would cost you virtually nothing, take just a few minutes to print and apply, and leave a lasting memory that they are sure to tell their friends and business associates about. As we all know, our best salesperson is a happy customer.”

Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable doesn’t stretch like vinyl wall graphics do, and keeps its shape when removed from the wall, so it can be reapplied over and over again. Now Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable is also available with a split back liner for high heat toner printing. It is exactly the same face stock and adhesive as the regular Woven Fabric Repositionable, but has an easy to crack and peel release liner for wall graphic applications. The repositionable adhesive can be applied to windows, painted walls, wood cabinets and metal. It will also peel off all these surfaces cleanly and can be moved over and over again. “It’s like a magnet, but better, because you’re not limited to just metal surfaces.”

Both the Fusion Crystal Clear Cling and Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable can be printed on high heat digital production color copiers, allowing for short runs, quick turn-around, and an economical way to print promotional signage and wall graphics. Depending on digital equipment available, Fusion Digital Paper™ products now allow restaurant owners to digitally print their own menus, coasters, window clings, wall graphics, signage, and bumper stickers—all in-house, or with a local printer or copy shop. Thus, allowing restaurants to save money while unleashing all their creative marketing ideas.

About Fusion Digital Paper

Made in the USA, Fusion Digital Paper™ is a family of unique synthetic products specifically engineered for high heat toner digital printing. Durable, tear-resistant, and waterproof, Fusion Digital Paper™ products run great and provide beautiful image fidelity and excellent toner adhesion. More information on Fusion Crystal Clear Cling and Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable and all the great Fusion Digital Paper™ products, including product demonstration videos, informative articles, and information on popular applications can be found at https://www.fusiondigitalpaper.com, or by calling (435) 703-9520.