Creating Great Stickers For Kid's and More!

Magnets and stickers have long been a popular way to decorate the lockers, cars, and bedrooms of junior high, high school and college students.  Fusion Digital Paper™ offers a few products that can be used to produce similar products.  Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable (and its cousins Fusion Peel N Stick Postcard™ and Fusion Peel N Stick Bumper Sticker™) can produce great stickers and magnet replacement products, while Fusion Crystal Clear Cling is a great product for window clings.

While we’ve talked quite a bit in this blog about using Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable as magnet replacements because they can stick to more than just metal, we haven’t talked much about how much easier they are to run on your digital equipment than magnets.  Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable comes in full 12” x 18” sheets so that you can make your stickers and magnet replacements in virtually any shape and size you want.  Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable cuts and die-cuts cleanly as well, giving you even more creative control over your projects.  It also features a repositionable adhesive that allows you to stick your magnet replacements on more than just metal.  Stick Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable on metal, glass, plastics, wood cabinetry, or painted walls.  Each and every time you need to move your graphics, you can do so without leaving any sticky residue behind, and the durable woven fabric face stock, will not stretch when peeled, unlike stickers made from vinyl.

However what really sets Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable apart is the fact that you can print it easily with most high heat toner digital printers.  This allows you to do short runs and also take advantage of variable imaging capabilities.  Print up a series of graphics that include a child’s name and photos as a unique birthday present.  Celebrate a state championship victory by offering all team members and their families the chance to have a personalized keepsake with their name, uniform number, and photo taking center stage.  No matter what the occasion Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable is sure to be the perfect product for your sticker or magnet replacement projects.

Fusion Crystal Clear Cling is also a great way to celebrate birthdays or holidays with festive, personalized window clings.  Use Fusion Crystal Clear Cling to make window cling decals to decorate classroom, dorm or kid’s bedroom windows and the inside of car windows and rear windshields, and view them from the outside.  Fusion Crystal Clear Clings are an optically clear window cling product that can be digitally printed on most high heat toner digital printers.  It is a polyester film based product that also has a small amount of repositionable adhesive as well.  This means that whether you apply Fusion Crystal Clear Cling wet or dry, you will get great cling strength until you decide to remove your clings and not a second before.  And because Fusion Crystal Clear cling is made from polyester and not vinyl, it won’t yellow or sag over time.  For many different reasons, Fusion Crystal Clear Cling is the perfect product for producing incredible, personalized window clings that will be a hit with all ages.

For more information about Fusion Crystal Clear Cling, Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable, or any other Fusion Digital Paper™ products log onto or send an email to  We look forward to hearing about your applications and answering any questions you might have.