A Synthetic Paper Christmas versus A Paperless Christmas

We now live in the digital age and almost everything is sent over electronically – regardless if there is a digital printer at home that can print on a variety of substrates that have been introduced in the market such as vinyl paper or synthetic paper. But, where’s the fun in an electronic Christmas greeting every year? What would happen to the greeting if your hard drive crashes and you haven’t backed up your files yet? Also, if you really mean a lot to the person then he or she would print out your message anyway.
C’mon, Christmas is supposed to be a time for giving – if you don’t have time or the funds to shop and buy someone a present, you shouldn’t be in despair – trust me, a personalized or customized gift would be more valuable to a person than getting him or her something from the mall. Why? Because it only proves you made an effort and found some time to work on it.
Some Personalized Gifts That Made an Impact This Holiday Season:
Fusion Soft Polyester Synthetic Paper Calendar

1. Personalized Calendars – It has been a habit for some people to send out a calendars with pictures of

the whole family. This year, some very interesting calendars were produced, using the unique digital paper from Fusion Digital Paper.

2. Personal Wall Graphic – If you want to make an impact on someone’s life then how about a life-size image of them competing in their favorite sporting event for a room or basement wall? This allows you to be in his or her thoughts all the time.

This type of synthetic paper easily stick on almost any substrate, can be peeled off and transferred to another substrate again without any problems. This is much better than refrigerator magnets simply because you are not limited to metal surfaces.

Fusion Soft Polyester synthetic paper is a combination of both polyester and paper but, the great thing about this material is that it’s waterproof, plus it’s both stain and tear-resistant as well. It also doesn’t pose many problems while printing because it is smooth as your traditional paper and you get vivid and vibrant images as well.

These are just two easy options presented this year due to Fusion Digital Paper in order to send a message that you care about someone or that he or she is in your thoughts in this festive season. Making an extra effort other than mass-sending Christmas e-cards or greetings can really make a simple yet meaningful impact.
There are other variants of Fusion Digital synthetic paper that you can use and choose from to awaken your creativity.