A Menu of Opportunities with Fusion Digital Paper™

Fusion blog 1aOur A Menu of Opportunities with Fusion Digital Papersample is a terrific promotion to highlight the advantages of Fusion Soft Polyester for waterproof menus and brochure projects.  However, it is also a great reference tool for all Fusion Digital Paper™ synthetic products because it lists all the features, benefits, and packaging information for everything that we make, including High Heat Toner Sheets, 12″ x 47″ Banner products, and Wide Format Rolls.

This piece was printed on Fusion 12 mil Soft Polyester, our proprietary synthetic substrate that has the positive traits of polyester and paper, and like paper, runs through digital equipment with NO STATIC.

That’s right, NO STATIC, so your productivity and profits increase.  You can flip the piece over and run the second side, or jog, stack and cut it immediately.

So, take a few minutes to review the information in the A Menu of Opportunities with Fusion Digital Paper™.  We think you’ll agree that Fusion Digital Paper™ has the widest array of substrates designed for high heat toner digital printing.  Our unique lineup of products allows you to take full advantage of your digital equipment’s capabilities and to maximize your marketing opportunities.

Here are several of the features and benefits of Fusion Soft Polyester:Fusion blog 1aa

  • Unique silky, velvety tactile sensation that draws you into the printed content.  It is much warmer than a cold, plastic laminated product.
  • This is a polyester substrate that folds well!  It handles print finishing processes like round cornering and punching just like paper.
  • Pour water or red wine on it and notice how waterproof and stain resistant it is.  Catch the wine in 20-30 minutes and you can wash it off cleanly with mild soap and warm water.
  • fusion blog 1bIt is also very tear resistant.  Take it to the gym and see who is stronger:  Hans, Franz, or Fusion!
  • But what really sets Fusion Soft Polyester apart is how it runs on high heat toner equipment with NO STATIC.
  • There is nothing else like Fusion Soft Polyester, and like all our products, it is Made in the USA.

fusion blog 1cThere are several applications for Fusion Soft Polyester, including the below:

  • 6 mil Lite and 7.5 mil are pliable like text paper and great for pages of durable, weather proof books, flight or sailing logs and manuals.
  • 6 mil Lite is also popular for racing bibs.
  • 10 and 12 mil are extremely durable and tear resistant. They are commonly used for menus, place mats, covers and tab dividers.
  • Planograms and cook books
  • Horticultural and luggage tags

To learn more about Fusion Digital Paper™, please feel free to contact us today. We are waiting with answers, great products and creative ideas!