Better Way to Print Window Graphics Now Available

A few months back, we introduced one of our most innovative products: Fusion Crystal Clear Cling.  Fusion Crystal Clear Cling is an optically clear window cling engineered specifically for high heat toner production equipment. Because of how unique this product is it has continued to be a very popular solution for those seeking a better window cling option for digital sheet fed equipment. 

One of the first things you will notice when you take Fusion Crystal Clear Cling off the release liner and go to apply it on glass is it will virtually jump right on the glass with great cling strength. You can apply it dry and use a squeegee to get the air bubbles out, or you can first apply water to the glass with a sponge or spray and then apply the Fusion Crystal Clear Cling and follow up with a squeegee to “wet out” the air bubbles. The dry application is probably fine for smaller sized signs, but for larger signs you will probably want to use the wet application method. In both cases, please note that the Fusion Crystal Clear Cling will “wet out” and actually appear clearer after 24 hours. Fusion Crystal Clear Cling can be removed from the glass and reapplied multiple times.

Best way to print clear window signageWhen you put up a sign printed on Fusion Crystal Clear Cling you will note the great print fidelity, and that the message is very readable, yet does not obstruct the view outside the way an opaque cling would. You can design your piece with the graphics reverse printed so the sign can be applied on the inside of the window and still viewed clearly from outside the building, but is protected from the outside elements and mischief.  Or you can design a normal print layout so the sign can be viewed from inside.  And because Crystal Clear Cling is polyester it holds up well to the weather and UV.

In addition, toner adhesion to the Fusion Crystal Clear Cling face stock is excellent, and like all Fusion Digital Paper™ products, they are engineered for high heat toner fusing and designed for safe runnability on your equipment. Fusion Crystal Cling has performed great with feeding and runnability.

We are committed to bringing you the most innovative digital synthetic products in the market. After all, the only thing more exciting than developing new Fusion Digital Paper™ products is selling them. Because your customers love the innovative ideas you show them, and it helps reinforce your position as their digital printing leader.  So, if you are looking for a better window cling option, choose Fusion Crystal Clear Cling.  And remember it’s not white, it’s not frosty clear, it truly is optically clear.

For more information about Fusion Crystal Clear Cling or any other Fusion Digital Paper™ products, please email us at  We’d love to hear about any other applications you might have in mind.