Fusion Digital Name Badges

One of the biggest advantages provided by digital printing is the ability to do variable data.  While the idea of putting individual names or addresses on letters or envelopes might come easily to printers and customers alike, there are instances where variable imaging can be just as useful.  In this post, we’re going to focus on a couple of applications for variable imaging with Fusion Digital Name Badge.  You might not have had many customers asking for these applications, but that is probably because they didn’t even realize they were possible.

Fusion Digital Name Badge is a satin acetate face stock product with a top coating so that it is optimized for digital printing.  It features a special apparel grade adhesive that will safely remove from almost every fabric (admittedly, there’s not an adhesive I know of that works with leather or suede, so you’ve been warned).  These two components work nicely together creating a name badge that will flex and move with your clothing and remain stuck on you all night long, unlike stiff paper stocks or flimsy adhesives, but remove cleanly when needed.  As if that weren’t enough, Fusion Digital Name Badge comes with a sturdy 92# lay flat release liner that allows for easy runnability through your digital equipment.

Now, most people preparing for high school reunions are nervous about losing a few pounds (or more) or adding a bit more hair that they might have misplaced since high school.  But another embarrassing aspect of a reunion can simply be not recognizing someone that you were close with in high school, but you have since fallen out of touch with.  With Fusion Digital Name Badge, you can now print up nametags ahead of time with the name and high school yearbook photo of all the reunion attendees.  This is a fun way to help everyone make sure they can put the name and face they remember from the good old days with the (possibly new) name and face that everyone has now.

Disclaimer: Fusion Digital Paper takes no responsibility for any regrettable hair and/or fashion choices you might have made all those years ago.  That stuff’s on you guys…

Another application that is perfect for Fusion Digital Name Badge is security credentials.  Whether it’s an important sporting event where only certain people have access to certain areas, or it’s a company with trade secrets that can’t fall into the wrong hands, security is important.  Fusion Digital Name Badge allows you to vary your design, which provides added security against counterfeit credentials.

So whether you’re looking for a fun way to do nametags for your high school reunion, or you’re a security expert looking for a way to protect your company’s most valuable information Fusion Digital Paper™ has products that can help you accomplish your goals.  For more information about Fusion Digital Name Badge or any of the other great Fusion Digital Paper™ products please log onto www.fusiondigitalpaper.com or send us an email to al@fusiondigitalpaper.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!