Colleges and Universities Use Fusion Peel N Stick Postcards™

Colleges and Universities Use Fusion Peel N Stick Postcards™ to Entice Prospective Students

The top three marketing methods that marketing departments, undergraduate admissions and student affairs directors use to raise college enrollment rates.

By Al Grant

With 6,742 post-secondary institutions in the U.S., and a generation of college hopefuls looking to choose a college, now more than ever, colleges must unleash their creativity in their marketing efforts to raise enrollment rates.

Top 3 Cost-effective Enrollment Marketing Tactics for Generation Next
Traditional media tactics may have worked for the baby boomer generation, but the next generation, the Millennials (born between 1982-2000), desire what they want, when and how they want it, as stated in a study on Millennial Behaviors and Demographics. The study concluded that Millennials expect more learning options and educational services from their colleges.

Tech-savvy marketing, means tech-savvy school
By offering out-of-the-box marketing solutions, colleges and universities will stand out among their 6,741 competitors. If institutions connect with prospective students from the get-go with state-of-the-art enrollment marketing techniques, students may also perceive their chosen college as offering more innovative educational experiences.

Three Essential Enrollment Marketing Tactics to Get Started:

  1. 1. Direct Mail Campaigns: This is a cost effective way for colleges to reach students. Postcards, information packets, magnets and school pamphlets can all be shipped directly to the prospective student’s door and give them a wealth of information to help decide on their future school.

    To accommodate the individuality that is characteristic of this generation, colleges and universities need to use cutting-edge technology.

    The latest premium solution: Fusion Peel N Stick Postcards™
    Revolutionizing the way college marketing departments, undergraduate admissions, and student affairs directors connect with current and prospective students, Fusion Peel N Stick Postcards™ provide a long lasting marketing message with a higher return on your marketing investment.

    While old-fashioned postcards can be easily misplaced or discarded, Fusion Peel N Stick Postcards™ are designed to be posted/stuck on a variety surfaces for long lasting use. They are durable, waterproof and tear resistant, and their unique repositionable adhesive means they will stick to virtually any surface, including painted walls, wood cabinets, glass, metal, and even the student’s laptop. Plus, they can be easily removed and reapplied multiple times. So your marketing message gets posted where the student wants and is a constant reminder of your marketing message.

    According to Noel-Levitz 2011 report on Undergraduate Enrollment Trends, the median recruitment marketing costs for four-year private and public colleges and universities were $2,185 and $457 per student, respectively. Getting the most out of your marketing budget is critically important. Fusion Peel N Stick Postcards™ are a great new alternative providing you maximum impact for your marketing outlay and have already captured the attention of colleges across the country including the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the State University of New York (SUNY) at Cortland.

  2. 2. Social media outreach: These tech-savvy, mobile millennials are constantly networking. Colleges and universities who want to tap into their language and join their conversations should offer the transparent communication and the useful information they desire on social media platforms. Organizations are increasingly using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other outlets to interact with their prospective students.

    In an article about Marketing to Millennials in, if members of this generation identify with a product, service or in this case, higher education institution, they will eagerly take part in the marketing effort by passing on referrals and reviews.

    Social media platforms are great channels that give prospective students access to meaningful content that can be shared instantly. The University of Alabama at Birmingham used Fusion Peel N Stick Postcards™ as a teaser by sending students a beautiful Blazer mascot decal printed on the face of the postcard as a token of appreciation and the beginning of what is sure to be a large collection of UAB “swag”. They also printed all the URL’s to the UAB social media and admission sites on the back of the postcard.

  3. 3. Online Advertising: This form of advertising done over the Internet helps organizations reach target audiences on a global scale.

    Colleges can reach in-state, out-of-state, and international students. Communication is direct, and feedback is fast, since the ad usually includes a call-to-action. Online advertisements are easy to tailor to fit specific target markets and Fusion Peel N Stick Postcards™ have been used as a very effective follow up tool for this marketing approach.

Establishing a creative presence in both the physical and virtual world will prove beneficial to a college’s enrollment rates. Colleges that desire an edge over their competitors should consider adding innovative direct mail campaigns, such as can be implemented with Fusion Peel N Stick Postcards™, initiating a social media campaign or targeting prospective students with creative online advertising.

About Al Grant
Al Grant is the Director of Sales, Marketing and Distribution for Fusion Digital Paper™ Al has been a member of the graphic arts community for over 30 years. Al has extensive experience with digital printing and synthetic substrates and has had extensive sales, marketing and ownership experience within the industry. Al is known as an industry leader in building brands, and developing and executing marketing programs that feature the synergy of a coordinated website, SEO, direct mail, and telemarketing sales strategy.