Menu Paper

Fusion Digital Paper™ Menu Paper for Restaurants and Bars

Fusion Digital Paper™, a U.S. manufacturer of innovative synthetic substrates that are specifically designed for high heat toner digital imaging. Now Fusion Digital Paper™ has a new product that is perfect for Menu Paper called Fusion Soft Polyester. Fusion Soft Polyester is a patent pending family of durable, waterproof, tear resistant and stain resistant materials that offer the best characteristics of both paper and polyester.

As you would expect with synthetic substrates, you get products that are waterproof and tear resistant for excellent durability, but what is very unique about Fusion Soft Polyester is that it also feeds, prints, and can handle print finishing processes such as saddle stitching, punching, and folding just like paper does.

But maybe its best feature is that it digitally prints with NO STATIC issues that are common on most other polyester products.

In addition, unlike top coated polyester films, Fusion Soft Polyester is also very stain resistant to common foods such as mustard, tea, and red wine. Thus, if you catch a stain within a reasonable time period you can fix the problem by washing the menu with soap and water. Because you won’t have to laminate for durability and protection from spills, there’s no need to send the menus out to a laminating company saving you time and money. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the inevitable delaminated scores, edges and corners that occur over time with laminated menus. So your next menu job can be run quickly and efficiently, entirely in-house.

Fusion Soft Polyester is foldable. Even the 10 and 12 mil cover weight calipers can be scored and folded. This is very different than most other polyester products, and a great feature for digitally printing menus. And the velvety soft feel of Fusion Soft Polyester is truly unique; something that your customers will appreciate and the rich tactile sensation will draw them into the images and graphics and make your menu seem more attractive.

Printers who have run Fusion Soft Polyester digitally are amazed and relieved to not have to deal with any of the usual static electricity issues that are common with top coated polyester films on the feeding or receiving end of their digital equipment. Fusion Soft Polyester has virtually NO STATIC build up to assure excellent feeding and runnability. This is a feature that cannot be overstated.

You’ll also get beautiful print image fidelity and toner adhesion, thanks to a Sheffield Smoothness that rivals of premium uncoated offset sheets. The images of your menu offerings will be sharp, brilliant and make customer’s mouths water!

Imagine being able to do short runs of menus on your digital equipment. Do you have a special event, or banquet coming up that you’d like to publicize and make custom menus for? Fusion Soft Polyester is perfect for this. With Fusion and your digital equipment’s short run capabilities, you can change your menu frequently, keeping it fresh, and enticing customers to visit often to try new seasonal specials. With Fusion Soft Polyester it is easy, and quick, to digitally print just the number of menus you need. This way if you need to change prices, or add a new favorite to your menu, it is a simple, inexpensive process.

Remember, Fusion Digital Paper™ is made specifically for the rigors of high heat toner production color copiers. The higher the fuser heat, the better the toner adhesion. They are safe products to run on your high heat digital equipment. Fusion Soft Polyester is available in three calipers; 7.5 mil, 10 mil, and 12 mil, allowing you to print both inside pages and covers of menus. Many customers have used the 7.5 mil caliper for the pages and 10 or 12 mil caliper for the cover of booklet style menus.

So whether it’s a saddle stitched multiple page menu, or a finished 8.5 x 11 folded menu, Fusion Soft Polyester is the new choice for digitally printed menus.