Fusion 5 mil Rigid Polyester

For Desktop Laser Printers: Fusion 5 mil Rigid Polyester 8.5″x11″

Super for durable water and tear resistant manuals and other outdoor applications.
$53.00 per 100 Sheet PackFusion 5 mil Rigid Polyester is a strong polyester film that has a coated surface designed specifically for toner laser printer applications. A very durable paper, our rigid digital polyester is tear and water resistant paper, and a great product for outdoor applications that will be subjected to the toughest of conditions.


The 5 mil caliper is pliable like text paper and is excellent for the pages of durable, weather resistant books, flight logs or sailing charts and manuals.

The super smooth printing surface yields outstanding image fidelity and toner adhesion. So don’t be afraid of demanding graphics, use Fusion 5 mil Rigid Polyester when quality and durability matter.  Our proprietary top coating has enhanced scratch and scuff resistant.  Fusion 5 mil Rigid Polyester is Made in the USA.  So if you want to support an American manufacturer and keep jobs here at home, use Fusion 5 mil Rigid Polyester.

Now you have a product you can use for jobs that need to withstand outdoor climate conditions without having to laminate it. And unlike vinyl paper that will stretch, Fusion 5 mil Rigid Polyester durable paper will not stretch or tear.  Imagine being able to do those jobs in-house, and turning them around in just minutes. With Fusion 5 mil Rigid Polyester this is now a reality.

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