Now you can print with ease a polyester fabric that is waterproof and tear resistant on your production toner color copier

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Now you can print with ease a polyester fabric that is waterproof and tear resistant on your production toner color copier

Digital printing on fabric has taken an exciting turn with Fusion Digital Paper’s™ Fusion Digital Satin Fabric. Now you can print a waterproof, tear resistant linen finish fabric on your production toner color copier. This coated one-side satin polyester fabric offers some very unique opportunities for those interested in creating custom personalized bookmarks, award ribbons, mattress labels, sew-in instructions for industrial strapping and more.

Key Features and Benefits

  • STATIC FREE runnability and print finishing ease
  • Waterproof and tear resistant polyester fabric that is great for indoor or outdoor applications
  • You can sew and grommet Fusion Digital Satin Fabric to expand possible end use applications
  • Easy to guillotine cut or die cut and has excellent anti-fray characteristics
  • Highly resistant to shrinking or curling and is very resistant to degradation from rot, mildew and moisture.
  • Fusion Digital Satin Fabric is top coated for outstanding print fidelity and color pop on production toner color copiers. This means you can now truly maximize the capabilities of your digital equipment and actually print beautiful images on a durable linen polyester fabric

Popular Applications

Private Labeled Mattress Labels

One of the most popular applications for Fusion Digital Satin Fabric is mattress labels. For mattress manufacturers and resellers, private labeling their mattresses is an effective way to stand out, differentiate themselves from their competition, and enhance their bottom line. Building a brand is a great way for them to capitalize on improvements in their mattress technology and to assure repeat customers in the future. Now you can use digital technology to only print the number of labels you need, exactly at the time you need them.

Customized Award Ribbons

Trophy shops, schools, and organizations now have a great way to produce customized award ribbons on their production toner color copiers. Finding new revenue streams is always exciting, and providing short run custom award ribbons is a great way to differentiate your company and gain a competitive edge with your award ribbons. Just imagine being able to run a cloth-like material through your high heat toner digital equipment and create one-off personalized award ribbons. Schools and other organizations working with young people, such as libraries, latch-key programs, sports leagues, swim teams, and dance studios will love the ability to personalize each award ribbon for the recipient. And the kids are sure to love seeing their name on the award ribbon – it will be a keepsake they will cherish for years to come and the school or organization is sure to come back to you for repeat orders next year.

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Personalized Bookmarks

Schools and libraries are using Fusion Digital Satin Fabric to digitally print custom bookmarks. What better way to excite a young child to read than provide them with their own personalized bookmark? And sometimes it’s not just what you say, but the substrate you say it on. There’s no doubt when you grab a bookmark produced on Fusion Digital Satin Fabric you’ll find the linen cloth tactile sensation really helps draw you into the subject matter. The great print fidelity and color pop are sure to get you focused on the message, and then most likely you notice how pliable, yet durable the product is as you roll it through your fingers. It’s a great bookmark which will last for years.

Fusion Digital Paper™ is Made in America

All Fusion Digital Paper™ products are Made in America. Our Fusion Digital Satin Fabric has proven perfect for a number of unique applications, and has made jobs that involve digital printing on fabric easier and more cost effective than ever. What is it that you want to digitally produce?

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