A Better Digital Window Cling Solution

Clear window clings are used all over the place. Usually, however, they are produced on wide format equipment with a vinyl product. Many of our customers told us they farmed out their cling work because they didn’t have the right equipment to do the work in-house. Fusion Digital Paper’s™ Crystal Clear […] Read more »

Lightweight, foldable menu solution

Pictured below is a great printed sample of a solution for a customer wanting to promote their “New Spring Brews” with a menu that would give them some durability but wouldn’t break the bank. The solution started with 7.5 mil Fusion Soft Polyester. It’s a product that’s a win-win for […] Read more »

Fusion Synthetics Are Versatile

Versatility. It’s something we all search for in many aspects of our business.  It’s also one of the reasons that the digital synthetics category is growing so fast, due in large part to everyone trying to get the most from the significant financial investments they’ve made in their digital equipment. […] Read more »

Thanks For Your Support In 2017

With 2017 officially in the books, we wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you the past year. With your help it was another excellent year for Fusion Digital Paper™. To kick start the new year, please give us a call to discuss your digital synthetic […] Read more »

Why Fusion Woven Fabric Repositionable is Better

There’s nothing more American than baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie, and when you are talking digital synthetics there’s nothing more American than Fusion Digital Paper™. Pictured below are two great printed samples that are sure to get a conversation started and hopefully will lead to new business. They are the […] Read more »

Use Fusion Rigid Polyester For Lasting Impressions

In an increasingly digitally driven world, here is an example of how print media can still be a powerful tool to grow your business and brand. In this case, a charter fishing boat company wanted to find a way to promote their fishing charters.  Due to the nature of their […] Read more »

Fusion’s Foldable, Lightweight Polyester

I hear it all the time – lightweight digital polyester sheets can be a challenge to work with.  If you’re using any one of the many top coated polyester films you know that’s true.  Double sheeting issues in the feeding trays, and static bricking in the receiving trays can cause […] Read more »

Fusion’s Extreme Label Solution

Finding new products and application solutions will help you develop new customers and differentiate yourself in today’s competitive marketplace.  After all, new business is the lifeblood of every company and one of the keys to long term growth and security. Such was the case for us with Fusion Extreme Permanent.  […] Read more »

See Fusion’s Award Winning Menu Paper

As we begin a new year, we wanted to mention one of the highlights of another successful year for Fusion Digital Paper™.  A few months back, we were pleased to receive the news that 13 mil Fusion Polyester Cover had won the Printing News 2016 Readers’ Choice Top Products Award in the Digital Print […] Read more »

The Opportunity Has Never Been More Clear

Pictured at left is a printed sample of one of our most popular products, Fusion Crystal Clear Cling.  Fusion Crystal Clear Cling is a hit because our product is crystal clear and allows you to quickly and cost effectively produce clear window clings on your sheet fed production toner digital equipment. […] Read more »